Flair For The Dramatic

      Baseball, in it’s over 100 year history, has had it’s fair share of dramatics and the Yankees, the most storied and renown franchise in the history of sports, seem to live for it, with more than enough legends, who’ve taken the field at the House that Ruth built, that have experienced the drama of baseball at Yankee Stadium. However, these days, many have written off this game as a boring sport played by overpaid and steroid-ridden athletes… but, as baseball fans know all too well, there’s more to the sport than the scoreboard or what’s written in the sport’s section.
        When a shortstop runs full speed and dives into the stands, risking injury, to catch a ball to save a game that means a lot to his team but means everything to the 57, 000 fans watching it and then comes back onto the field a day later bruised, no longer bloody and ready to do it all over again if he has to…
OR     When a former shortstop switches his position to wear the infamous pinstripes, and then gets booed day in and day out in his own ballpark because of his performance then comes back, seemingly with a vengeance, and smacks homers left and right like it was batting practice, in a season when his team needs it the most..
OR     When a team of 25 men carry an entire city on its shoulders after 3,000 men and women perish in steel buildings that once stood side by side in the city that never sleeps, and pay tribute to them in one of the, for lack of a better word, dramatic World Series of our time…

    … well, baseball becomes more than just baseball.

        It’s crazy how a simple game, of a bat, a ball and a baseball diamond, can mean so much to so many people. It’s even crazier how this simple game, played by thousands in backyards or ballparks around the world, can fuel so much determination, admiration and inspiration that the game becomes more than a game, but a way of life… a way of life in which a team can provide hope in the lives of millions, some of which who don’t even play the game.
        With a team that has seen the ups and downs, the top and the bottom, and have fought with clenched fists, a bat and a ball to be able to call themselves champs undeniably has a flair for the dramatic and will, no doubt, continue to.



  1. Jason

    Well said. The Yankees have been doing all that you’ve mentioned for quite some time, and they’ve been re-building that flair over the last couple months in a way that’s great to see. There’s no quit in this team right now. What they provide is an object lesson about how baseball at its best can be a metaphor for life. That’s the biggest thing I took from the recent championship run from 1996-2000, that doing things the right way, that working as hard as you can, that working as a group united in purpose and desire can and usually does pay off. The 2007 Yankees, with the way they’ve played the past couple months, are making a believer out of me that they can develop that special something and achieve anything they set their minds to accomplish.

    Keep up the good work.


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