Gone But Not Forgotten


A Hall of Famer. A Perennial Shortstop. A Class Act. There’s not enough you can say about legend Phil Rizzuto. I personally didn’t have the pleasure of watching the legend or hearing his broadcasts, except in old clips, but I think I can speak for all Yankee fans when I say that no matter what, he will always be in the hearts of many. From everything I hear and from the few times I’ve seen him I can tell he was a man of class. He had a certain ease and charisma and an innate ability to make everyone else feel that they were just like him, that I think goes beyond what a ballplayer should be but what people can be. Although he is no longer with us I know he was grateful for the life he lived and spent his time here well. He once said that, “When you’re doing something you like, and you get paid for it, you can’t beat it.” You can’t say it better than that. He loved this game and was sure happy he was a part of it. However, the thing that I most admire about him is that, If there was ever a man who defied everyone’s expectations and became what no one would have imagined, Phil Rizzuto was it. He was told he would never become a good ballplayer and he did. He was told he’d never become a good broadcaster and he did. He was told he’d never make it in the Hall of Fame and he did. He never gave up, even when he was told he should. He was everything you’d ever want in a ballplayer and then some. He was more than a man and the two words, “Holy Cow” will no longer be a catchphrase but a symbol for the legend they call Scooter.

"I guess heaven must’ve needed a shortstop." -George Steinbrenner


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