The 12 Run Comeback That Never Happened


Fact Of Baseball: 2 Hitters are a lot more fun when you’re not rooting for the 2 hitting team. (See Picture At Left)

Today was a sad day to begin with, with the passing of Yankee great Phil Rizzuto, but the performance from the team today, who I was beginning to think could go on winning forever, was beyond sad. A poor performance from Jeff Karstens was sort of expected even before the game started, given his sub par performance so far this season, though I hoped he’d at least keep us in the game and that the offense would do the rest, however 2 hits from the hottest team since the All-Star break was definitely nowhere near expected. Even after being down 7 to 0 going into the 6th I thought the Yanks would still come back, as we all know they are capable of it, especially with the hitting tear they’ve been on lately, however that thing that the Yanks call their bullpen these days continued to give up runs and although a 12-run comeback would have been sweet, it just wasn’t going to happen. The comeback never came and even more embarrassing, not a single run scored as the hitting remained abysmal. I wanted so badly to change the channel, but unfortunately die-hard means die hard. The only good things that occurred during today’s game were 1.) the numerous videos and reminders of what a great player and guy Phil Rizzuto was 2.) a semi-great play made by Melky in I believe the 4th inning to catch a ball in deep center field off the bat of Jay Payton and last but not least 3.) an 8 pitch 8th inning by Kyle Farnsworth (I know, I couldn’t believe it either), who actually hit 100 mph on the stadium gun. He retires the side 1, 2, 3, showing some of his best stuff this season… in a game that the Yankees were down by 12 runs. Go figure. Torre was right when he said that Farnsworth can be a dominate guy, which he definitely showed today, but unless he can do that from now on, I don’t know how long the Yanks can put up with his performance. Plain and simple, right now, I wouldn’t trust him with a 10 run lead in the 9th with 2 outs and an 0-2 count. Hopefully he can prove me wrong.




    I believe that is the 5th time all year Farnsworthless has had the 1-2-3 inning. Doesn’t suprise anybody that is what the exact opposite of a pressure situation…

  2. Jason

    I’m normally not one to excuse poor play but, given Scooter’s passing and the fact that Karstens was pitching, I wasn’t really surprised by the loss, just the 12-0 tally. The team was uninspired, and struggled with a guy who nearly no-hit them last September. Nuke LaFarnsworth inspires nothing but contempt from me. If and when he does something in the clutch, then I’ll have a little trust in him. Until then, he’s just a back-bencher in this bullpen with Chamberlain and Vizcaino far more reliable.

    I’m confident that the Yankees will bounce back strong today. They’ll need their best against Bedard.

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