The Comeback Kids Are Back …er… Not

Mariano_5         There’s good news for people who love bad news. Bad News: Yanks didn’t pull off the comeback. But, there is good news. Good News: The Red Sox didn’t either.
        Not the picture perfect finish but you can’t complain, there’s no way you can say the game was boring (well you’d have a good argument if you said it about everything before the bottom of the ninth but that’s beside the point.) The point is that the Yanks put another one under the loss column after a game that was well within reach. The first person everyone has probably already thrown a dart at is Mariano. Mo had a big part in the loss but no one wins or loses alone. The Yankees’ hitting was again held to two hits going into the 6th inning and didn’t score until the 9th, which some may say is because one the leagues best, Eric Bedard, was on the mound but the Yanks have one of the league’s best lineups (which wasn’t the regular, with the lefty on the mound, but was good enough) and if they’re going to be on the losing side of every best vs. best matchup, they’ve got a tough road ahead of them.  The Orioles gave them plenty of chances on top of that, such as the bobble of Tejada in the 5th inning, that would have been a double play (only to hit into a double play right after it) or Redman’s loss of the ball in the sun in the 6th. However, unlike yesterday’s loss, this one wasn’t a blowout and actually did have some flair tucked in it, first of which, is David Shelley Duncan. My first words after the homerun (after the o.m.g.’s) were Shelley Duncan is the man! Talk about flair for the dramatic. The kid has hit homerun after homerun, obviously trying to be the next (former Yankee) Shane Spencer. He handled himself on the defensive side as well, catching Patterson at home in the 5th from right field on the fly, showing off yet another spectacular arm out of the Yankee farm system (the other in Melky Cabrera). The new bash brother will definitely start again tomorrow, as Torre is known for rewarding rookies with spectacular performances with another shot.
    Other things worth noting in today’s game:
        -Arod goes 4-4 , none of which were a homerun, and adds a stolen base to it, definitely reminding people he’s more than the future homerun king but an all around player who is the MVP of the season so far, and if he continues as he has this year and doesn’t get the MVP award, the MVP voters are insane (which is a definite possibility after giving Morneau the MVP award last year.)
        -Edwar Ramirez makes his first appearance back from the minors, bringing his nasty changeup back with him and… wow. He gets the last out in the 7th with one pitch and goes on to strike out three batters and records all of the next 6 outs. As I said in a comment on Heartland Pinstripes’s blog, this kid makes you want to root for him. It could be his skinny, scrawny frame, similar to that of Mariano when he was first brought up. It could be the fact that he’s another homegrown kid from the Yankee farm system, which every Yankee fan loves to cheer for. Or, it could just be his stuff, which is amazing. Either way, if he continues pitching like this he could be a very valuable part of the bullpen down the stretch.
        All in all, it was a tough loss, and was the first of back to back losses since July 19th/20th. Let’s hope that streak doesn’t live for long.



  1. Jason

    Today was a tough loss, no question. But there are some positives to take from the game, in my opinion. As you mentioned, the call-ups, Henn and Ramirez were crucial to the game today, keeping the deficit at a reachable three. Ramirez has a really great change-up and, if he can continue to locate and get ahead with his fastball, he’ll be a real asset to this team down the stretch and in the long run. Another is the bench, which is strong. Though they struggled to get anything going off Bedard, I’m not convinced that they wouldn’t have with the lefties anyway, and once he hit his pitch limit, the Yankees took advantage. Even though they were flat on their backs for nearly the entire game, they had the bench and the moxie to respond and tie it up. That took some real clutch hitting, and lots of kudos to Duncan, who made that great throw from right, awesome.

    I’m confident we’ll bounce back, as will Mariano. I’m sure no one feels worse about today than he does, but I also know that no one will forget about it faster than he will. He’s moved past setbacks before and will do so with this one as well.

  2. Vanessa

    I completely agree. Yes, the bench has become a real asset, so much that the Yanks are constantly changing the lineup because they have too many hot bats. I’m sure they’ll bounce back too. They’re the Yanks,and with the overall comeback in the standings this season, when everyone counted them out, I’m convinced they can do anything. And you’re absolutely right about Mariano. I’m sure he put it past him as soon as he left the mound, though I don’t think any Yankee fans did. We’ve gotten so used 2 him being perfect, and unfortunately, as a closer, you have to be or else days like today happen. It’s not a question of if he regains his perfection but when.

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