Slam Takes Bat Out Yankee Hands


Down 4 runs before the offense can take their cuts is not exactly the way you’d want to start a game, especially not when you’re up against Justin Verlander. Mussina didn’t have any control today and it showed right away as Jose Guillen took him for a ride, knocking one over right field and pocketing himself 4 RBI’s. Mussina let 2 more runs cross home plate again in the 2nd and with a 4 or more run lead the entire game for the Detriot, the Tigers never looked back. However, the Yanks actually did better than I thought they’d do against Verlander, scoring 3 runs and running deep into counts, forcing Verlander to throw 119 pitches in 5.1 innings but still, this game was lost on pitching. The Yankees’ starter didn’t pitch well and the Detroit bullpen did. The Tigers’ bullpen really went to work against the Yankee lineup, striking out 9 batters in 3.2 innings and although they managed to score two more runs in the 9th, with the way Detroit’s bullpen was pitching, the Yanks didn’t have a chance. Usually great pitching is really fun to watch… when the great pitching is from your team, but when it’s on the other side, well… the swings and misses from your team can lull you to sleep, which is exactly what this game was: a sleeper.
Other notes:
         -Of the two runs given up by the Yanks’ bullpen, Farnsworth didn’t give up either of them. Although he did hit and walk a batter in that inning, he didn’t allow a hit and didn’t allow a run, which is all we need. If he can keep that up (for more than a day), who knows… Yankee fans might trust him again.
        -Duncan didn’t get the start today, but did get to pinch hit, with Joe Torre designating him as the Yanks’ power hitter off the bench, and as soon as his head popped up from the top of the dugout, Yankee fans, who he’s already won over, roared, knowing full well he was capable of giving them the runs they needed. However, he didn’t. He struck out, adding to the 11 total for the Yanks in today’s game. He didn’t get the big hit again, but if he can when the Yanks need him in the future, you’re looking at their new weapon of mass destruction.
         And last note: Sheffield gets booed hard, as expected, because no one throws words around about the Yankee manager and gets away with it.
        Pettite pitching tomorrow, and with a 2.70 ERA in his last three starts, I’m sure he’ll have a more quality outing than Mussina.



  1. Jason

    Mussina was awful, really failing to located his off-speed stuff from the get-go. The Yankees left way too many runners on base, eleven, letting the Tigers off the hook despite the deficit. What also bothered me was the fact that after all the rest he’s had, Nuke LaFarnsworth couldn’t give them more than one inning. His back still gets “balky.” Even though he was actually effective today, what good is the guy in this role of a keep-it-close pitcher when he can’t go more than one measly inning? Horrible.

    That said, I’m confident that the Yankees will rebound against three pitchers with high ERAs–Robertson (5.01), Durbin (4.68) and Bonderman (4.65). At least the bats returned tonight after a couple off days.


    ‘Flair For The Dramatic’ is right.. with a month and a half to go, the Yankees are still in position for a playoff spot.. but you know it’s gonna be close

  3. Jason

    I agree. There’s no reason to throw in the towel or get too down about this losing streak. It’s just that, after the first half, the Yankees can ill afford any kind of swoon. They’re right in the thick of the playoff chase, a great place to be. They just need to get some better pitching and more timely hitting. Let’s Go, Yankees!

  4. Vanessa

    Yea, as the Yankee broadcasters have said also, the Yankees don’t have to play as hot as they have in June, but there’s no doubt they can’t afford to have a cold streak. They need to pitch at least decently and the hitting needs to score enough to pick up the win. The playoffs are well within reach (something no one would have said during May.)

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