Pettite Takes Bat Out Tiger Hands

Pettite_2      AAhhh… a win. The Yanks break their 3 game losing streak with the pitching they should have had yesterday, as Pettitte fires back at the Tigers, going 8 innings giving up 1 run (that could’ve been caught at the plate had it not been intercepted) on 5 hits. Pettite has been unbelievable in August so far, giving up less runs in his last 4 starts combined than the Yanks gave up just last night. With the pitching on Detroit’s side last night it was good to see it on ours tonight. However, Pettite wasn’t the only sitting down the Tiger offense. Joba Chamberlain (coolest name ever) comes into the game in the 9th, gets the Sheff on 1 pitch, let’s one hit go by, gets yesterday’s grand slammer to pop out to Jeter and then strikes out Pudge to end the game. After not pitching in the last 3 games, Torre puts him in to get him some work. It’s been a while since the Yanks played an entire game using less than 3 pitchers but it came with perfect timing. The bullpen needed a rest (specifically Mariano) and it’s about time the offense didn‘t have to score a lot of runs (which they kind of did anyway ironically.)Giambi_2
      On to the offense, which was also revived in tonight’s win. First on the list, Jason Giambi. Giambino hits 2 homeruns (one of which he sends packing into no-go central out in upper deck right field), adding to the 4 total in his 23 at bats since coming off the DL and in those 23 at bats he has a .348 average. Not a bad way to rejoin the team if I do say so myself. Other offense highlighters go to Bobby Abreu and Andy Phillips, who each went 3 for 4 (Abreu with one RBI and Phillips with two.)
        With both offense and stellar pitching tonight, this was a well rounded win if there ever was one. Hopefully this will carry on into tomorrow and with Clemens pitching, there’s a pretty good chance. He went 6 innings giving up 1 run his last time out. It’d be nice to see some of that again.
        Also, tomorrow is Military Appreciation Day so everyone try and show some type of gratitude, whether you’re going to the ballpark or not, because too many have died and are still dying, to protect you at all costs. My love goes out to them.



  1. Jason

    Pettite was great tonight, really clutch. Great work at the plate by the lefties against the lefty Robertson. Giambi’s blasts were great, and the Yankees need some supplementary power sources. Phillips was clutch as well, and just scalded that ball past Maybin in left for the insurance runs. Chamberlain was again excellent, and has the potential to be Mariano in 1996, a lock-down set-up guy with great heat and a magnificent slider. He’s also very confident, and the Yankees’ management has done well to put him in positions to succeed and build his confidence.

    I’m glad the Yankees are honoring the armed forces tomorrow, and I agree that too many have died in these wars currently going on right now, though not because the war in Iraq is protecting Americans. The war in Iraq has been a horrible distraction from actual threats around the globe, and a colossal waste of human and financial resources, pushing these terrific soldiers to the brink physically and mentally and straining our finances to the extreme. The sooner they get to come home from Iraq, the better.

    Let’s Go, Yankees!

  2. Vanessa

    True true. I’m not a politician lol but the war is a little more complicated than that. The war is mainly for oil, and as sad as that sounds, not enough people are willing to give up the things that eat up oil everyday. However, men and women are still dying and being wounded everyday and they should be honored. It takes great sacrifice (as you said mentally and physically) and I give them my best wishes.

  3. Vanessa

    Yes, I know a soldier who currently serves. He gets to send emails now and then and it’s been really tough on him, but thankfully he too is still alive. Unfortunately war will be around, whether we like it or not.

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