Clemens Notches Number 1,000 In Yankee Win

Clemens_1Clemens goes 6 innings, allowing 2 runs and gets strike out number 1,000 (more strikeouts than weeks I’ve been alive) on wouldn’t you know it: Curtis  Granderson. Ironic ain’t it? Even more weird was another bizarre play (after the bizarre play  with no one on second last night) happens right after the Granderson strikeout. Maybin goes for second as Thames strikes out. Posada throws to Clemens, instead of Cano at second and Clemens runs down Inge, who crept off third in an attempt to score on the throw to second. There hasn’t been a 2-1 out recorded in 40 years (or so FOX says), let alone one on a double play. Inge didn’t get to score, and the only Tigers who did were Sheff on a sac fly and Maybin, who hit his first Major League home run.
        The Yanks, however, scored 5 times today, 3 of which were scored on home runs. One by Hip Hip Jorge Posada, who has been phenomenal all year (also going 3-4 today) and the other by Bobby Abreu, who has really turned it up lately. Cano and Phillips also drove in a run today.
        The offense showed up, as well as the pitching, yet again. However, adding to the bizarre play today, there were two other strange occurences in today’s game. First of which was Clemens and his obsession with the runners. I had noticed it a little earlier but it really hit me on Inge’s at bat in the 6th. That at bat seemed to go on forever, when in actuality, it was 2 pitches long. Clemens threw to first 6 times, 4 of which were back to back. He throws to first a total of 17 times in 6 innings today. I don’t know why he was so preoccupied with a runner stealing, but I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. He gets the win. The second of strange occurrences in today’s game was Kyle Farnsworth. He strikes out 2 batters in his inning of work (no, not a typo), one of which was Sheff (who got booed extra hard today after going 3-5.) He pitches another 1, 2, 3, inning. Not bad. This could be the start of a new Farnworth. All I have to say is… it’s about time.
        And, last but not least: Enter Sandman. Mariano returns and retires the side (only allowing a walk) and gets the save. Seems like he got his control back. I think the reason the whole Mariano setback was so shocking is because he’s Mariano, no doubt, one of the best, if not the best closer in the history of the game. Perfection is expected of him, day in and day out. I guess it is a shock that he’s only human. (I always thought he was a superhero lol.)



  1. Jason

    I was tied up this weekend and wasn’t around much. Nuke LaFarnsworth has actually been quite good lately, much to my surprise since I long ago wrote him off. His solid pitching would be a most welcome addition to the Yankees. Glad to see Mariano get back to his predictably great habits. I also loved the double play Clemens and Jorge turned Saturday, great stuff. Poor Inge, Clemens nearly rolled him into the dugout with the tag.

    Yesterday the Yankees were impressive, banging out thirteen hits and nine runs without the Captain, very good work. Chamberlain and Ramirez had the Tigers on lock-down, pitching three perfect innings. Great to see Damon bouncing back with his colossal homer in the 6th into the right-field upper deck, and Betemit’s four RBI day and Matsui’s three RBIs, outstanding. I’m confident the Yankees will pull out this series in Anaheim. Why, I’m not sure, since they always play us tough. But the Yankees are showing a good deal of grit, and have gotten better pitching lately. I have a good feeling about this road trip.

  2. Vanessa

    Yes, Farnsworth has been shockingly better lately, much to I think everyone’s surprise. With Mariano back and the starting pitching coming around, and the new and improved bullpen and bench, this team looks extremely good.

    I was busy too this weekend. I didn’t get to see Sunday’s game or the repeat but I heard about the game and the outstanding performances by Mr. Cool, Joba and Mini Mo, Ramirez. Nice to see the less experienced guys coming through, as well as Betemit, who doesn’t play everyday and Damon, who hasn’t had a “Damon” year, doing well. I too have a good feeling about this road trip and the rest of the season for that matter. This team is starting to look scary for the teams facing them.

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