Budde Blues

Budde_3        ***** rookies. Extra innings… the makings of another dramatic win and… the Yankees lose. A base hit by a 28 year old backup catcher wins the game. What a bummer. The Angels of whatever city they claim now continue to give the Yanks trouble for some unknown reason. When all thought the Yanks’ bullpen was invincible, it fails. Vizcaino, who has been nearly perfect in the second half, gives up 3 runs, 2 of which technically weren’t his. Farnsworth barely gets out of the 8th without giving up a run, after giving up a hit and a walk, but manages to escape. Mariano gives up two back to back singles after getting the first two outs and Sean Henn… I’m too tired to trash right now.
        On to the less depressing news… Phil Hughes goes 6.1 giving up 5 (3 when he left the game) and four hits, but gets into trouble with the walks (5). Arod goes 3-5 with 3 RBI’s and home run number 40. With an average over .300, the most home runs and RBI’s in the league, it’s still amazing to me that he’s kept it up all year. It seems like his season has been one big hot streak. As far as I’m concerned, unless he goes into a major slump, the MVP “race” is over. In other news, the silent assassin, Jorge Posada, shows up again, hitting a home run to tie the game, racking up 3 RBI’s and catches Figgins on a changeup (made an outstanding throw) in the 5th. It’s hard to imagine what this team would be without him.
    Other things worth noting in this heartbreaker:
        -Betemit obviously loves to wears the pinstripes and is showing it with the bat (yesterday), and today with the glove. He makes a quick reflex play in the eighth to snag the ball and catch the runner out at home keeping the game at 6-6.
        -Cano continues to struggle, as he commits another error in the field. It’s obvious that this setback is mental, as it hasn’t really affected him at the plate, as of yet, but his minor mistakes on the field and on the bases seem to continue to trouble him.
        And, lastly, although Giambi didn’t come through with the homer tonight, I’m loving the Yanks’ options off the bench, with Giambi, Betemit and Duncan all great candidates in games such as these. I was loving the bullpen options too until tonight’s big flop, but it’s only one game. Tomorrow Mike Mussina goes for the Yanks and we can only hope he doesn’t give the same performance as his last time out. The Yanks sure can’t afford it.



  1. Jason

    While I’m not a Yankees fan (though I’d rather watch them then the clowns in Flushing), living in NYC, it’s hard to miss them. The turn around the Yankees have done is storybook, and what most would consider “Classic Yankees Moments”.

    Whether you love them or hate them, the Yankees are good for baseball.


  2. Vanessa

    The Yanks are greaaaatt for baseball. And yes their turn around is storybook. We were actually talkin about hating the Angels because the Yanks play like **** against them lol.

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