Show Stopper

Pettitte_1         The savior arrives! Andy Pettitte does what he does best, stops the bleeding and ends the havoc caused by the Angels in the first two games of this series. He goes 7 innings, giving up only 1 run on 5 hits, and continues his string of dominance with his 5th win in a row. After the first two games of this series, this last game became a must win and thankfully the Yanks did just that, preserving what’s left of their pride facing the Angels. I don’t know what’s the deal with this team but every time the Yanks play them it seems like, no matter what, the Angels will find a way to come away with the win, and if that had happened again today I don’t know what I would’ve done (probably thrown something through the TV.) Yesterday’s loss was so downright embarrassing that I couldn’t write about it (if I had, it probably would‘ve been every curse word known to man and then an entire list why I hate when the Yanks play the Angels).  Anyway, since this game wasn’t another Yankee slaying, time to share some praise for the Yanks, after not, I repeat: not, getting beat by the Angels.  Most of the praise for this game goes to the pitching, who decided not to give up 18 runs today. Pettitte, as said before, did exactly what the Yanks needed and then some. Joba (I’m in love with that name) gives up one hit, but strikes out the side, dialing it up to 100 mph against Vladi, and maintains his 0 ER streak. Mo gives up a run and 3 hits but gets it done and wouldn’t you know it, the Yanks win.
        On to the offense, which managed to score 4 runs on Lackey and 8 runs in the game. Bobby Abreu continues his hot streak, going 2-5 with a solo homer in the 8th. The silent assassin strikes again, as Jorge goes 3-4 with 2 RBI’s and 2 runs scored. A well balanced offensive night for the Yanks. The only batters without a hit were Betemit and Arod (who got 3 walks instead.) Thank goodness this series is over. A day off tomorrow for the Yanks, which I definitely need as well (these 10pm games are killing me.) The Yanks then go off to face Detroit again, with Roger Clemens, who only gave up 2 runs against them in his last start, on the mound. Anything less than a split in this four game series with Detroit is not acceptable. Actually, I don’t think a split is going to do it either with the way the Sox and the never losing Mariners are playing (who actually did lose today ha ha.) After that, next up is a three game series with Boston. Ahhh… that should be fun.
        Lastly, congrats to Torre who gets win 1,150 and passes Casey Stengel for the most all-time wins. Oh and also, some advice for the Orioles: Buy 25 paper bags and tell the team it’s their new batting helmets. (Ya might as well hand out free ones at your next home game too, I’m sure your fans don’t want their faces seen either.) 30 runs? Jeez… and I thought yesterday’s game was embarrassing.



  1. Beth

    I still can’t believe the Orioles lost that game by 27 runs. That’s something that happens in a **** football game. Can you imagine this happening to the Yankees? Good grief.

    As for the game WE played, we had to win. And we did. And much like you, if the Angels had found some way to win this game, something in my room would have been in the backyard. We were able to hit Shields, which is something we don’t do often and going into Detroit on a win and and offensive streak might give us a boost of momentum.

    Andy has been just what we needed him to be this season, and as we’ve both said…when we need a stopper, Andy and/or Roger is the guy.

  2. Vanessa

    I know. The Orioles game is just a shame. I can’t imagine that happening to the Yanks (if it did, I’d die)
    Yes Pettitte has beyond great for us and just what we needed him to be. Roger also does it when he has to and luckily since the offense hasn’t really slowed in the minor “slump” with the losses to the angels and the three game losing streak last week, I’m sure the Yanks can go back to handing out *** whoopings (which I’m looking forward to happening against the Red Sox.)

  3. Jason

    Great post, Vanessa, and I agree–Pettite was a savior tonight. You could just tell as the game went on that he wouldn’t budge. Despite the troubles in the first two games (especially game 2) against the Angels, I’ll say this: I think people should be pleased that the Yankees hit the Angels so well, and hit some very good pitchers awfully hard–Escobar, Lackey, Speier, and Shields–all of whom have given the Yankees fits in the past.

    As for the Texas-Orioles game, that was positively ridiculous, though Texas clearly rubbed it in by going for the two-point conversion after the last touchdown. That’s not polite.

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