Losing Speed

Train_1         The playoff train has officially come to an abrupt halt and might even be about to go backwards. With the Yanks now 7 ½ games behind the Red Sox and 2 games (not extremely bad, but not where they should be) behind the never losing Mariners in the Wild Card the future for this team this year looks grim. With the way the team was rolling, winning nearly every game to push them back in playoff contention, it began to feel like this was the year (still does). With everything the team has been through and all of the obstacles they’ve overcome (a team that had once been in last place in the standings not too long ago) it’s hard to say that their season is over and that this season is nothing more than a waste. Everything in me is hoping it isn’t, and although my faith in them slowly dissipates with every new setback, it’s not gone. There is still about a month left to the season and a wise man once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”
        Although the lastest struggles have really dampened the entire outlook of reaching the playoffs to many Yankee fans, in actuality, there is still a good chance of October baseball in the Bronx. With 6 games still left to play with Boston and 3 games with Seattle, there is still time to turn it all around. (The Wild Card is obviously the Yanks’ best bet so the Mariners series is a must watch… though I’m kind of hoping the Mariners continue winning so that they’ll take the West instead, while the Yanks take the Wild Card, and let the Angels drown… no way I want to see them in October.) It’s going to be tough. The Yanks must renew the magic they had in July. Losing for any lengthy period of time is not an option. That maybe a lot to ask, but the Yanks put themselves in this position. To get out of it, the entire team has to pull their weight.
        I went away for the weekend and only got to see the first game with Detroit, (purely because the game started when I got back to my hotel room) though I honestly wished I hadn’t seen it. It was a true heartbreaker if there ever was one. With a game that started 4 hours late, then goes into extra innings it was more than dramatic. It was a fight… a scary fight that ultimately ended up with another long walk back to the dugout. I could’ve cried. A tough tough tough loss. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that game… well… except for a little advice for Sean Henn: If ya can’t handle the pressure, find another job. With that said, moving on… Saturday’s game, from what I’ve read, was triple fiesta and Sunday’s game I haven’t read that much about because I’m too exhausted to sift through another tough loss but the final score pretty much sums it up for me. A one run game… shame. There’s one more game left against Detriot and it’s simple: split or bust.
        Although the playoff train has stopped, it not impossible to get it back up and running, just a little (okay maybe a lot) of elbow grease.
    The work the Yanks have to do to get it done: tons.
    The amount of games they have left to do it in: not many.
    The number of fans hoping they do: thousands.
    The look on everyone’s face if they can: priceless.
       I think die hard Yankee fans all truely feel that this team can still make it. I mean, I didn’t title this blog "Flair For The Dramatic" for nothing. If we’re lucky, the playoff train should be up at full speed before it’s too late, and with 32 games left in the journey, all I can say is: hang on, it’s going to be one **** of a ride.

**Edit: Just realized who’s starting tomorrow: Moose… cross your fingers**



  1. levelboss@levelboss.com

    Mariners just lost, and the Yankees are back at 2 behind Seattle

    the past week has been horrible, but it’s almost done; facing Boston and Tampa Bay at home ought to be back on track

    and the Mariners are gonna face Anaheim, Cleveland and the Yankees next

    just relax

  2. Jason

    Vanessa, very nice post, and I agree. It will be a tough ride, but the Yankees still stand a very good chance of making the playoffs. You’re exactly right, they face Boston for six and Seattle for three, so they get the chance to make up ground directly. Although they’ve gone cold in recent road losses, the Yankees’ bats certainly aren’t the problem. Inconsistent starting pitching has hurt the Yankees. Seattle lost to Texas tonight, 5-3, so the Yankees are just two back in the Wild Card. The playoffs are still a strong possibility.

    Keeping the faith, Let’s Go, Yankees!


  3. Vanessa

    Yes, the playoff outlook is a lot better than what it actually feels like. The recent losses just seem to drag at least me down. The AL East standing is mostly the cause… 7 1/2 back of the Yanks’ biggest rivals isn’t exactly… pretty, but yes with the Mariner loss, only 2 back, so there’s a great chance. I’m keeping the faith.

  4. Jason

    Vanessa, you’re not alone in that. Saturday morning’s loss really wore on my mind for some time, as level can attest. Thankfully, he, luckyleftie and Mike calmed me down, and it was also some vexing personal stuff fueling my bout with despair. Taking the Yankees’ situation in its own right, this team has done a great job since the A–Star break, and has a lot of fight left in it. It’s had some flaws revealed a bit in the last week, but nothing we didn’t already suspect.

    Glad to see you’re keeping the faith, and keep up the good work on the blog.


  5. levelboss@levelboss.com

    hopefully the homestand will be the start of a new winning streak

    Wang appears to be back in form; hopefully Moose will be too

  6. Vanessa

    Sorry to hear about your personal troubles Jason, and yes… unfortunately, the bad thing about being a baseball fan is that you live and die with your team. When they’re going good it makes things a lot better, when they’re going back you feel like everything is going wrong. Hopefully this setback won’t last for long. And thanx for the support.

    Yes, hopefull this homestand will be the start of a new winning streak, and a great playoff chase levelboss. It’s fun when your team is up 7 1/2 games in the last month but I think it’s more exciting when you really have to work for it, and eveerryy game matters. Hopefully Moose comes back to Earth, we’re really going to need him.

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