Dum Da Dum Dum DDUUMM

Mussina_3Here’s a scary thought… let’s say Mussina pitches like garbage again in his next start, what will the Yankees do? I’m pretty sure their answer to this question will be somewhere along the lines of “we’re working on it.” Going into September, with the way the standings are, the Yanks can’t afford to have a bad… scratch that… horrible outing every fifth game from their starter, and as Michael Kay said during last night’s game, the end of August isn’t the time to still be fixing things. That should have been done early in the season. Mike Mussina is a phenomenal pitcher when he is on, but he obviously hasn’t been and it begs to question whether or not the Yanks should keep him in the starting rotation for the last month of the season, in which every single game is important. It’s not fair to a man who has well over 200 wins in his career but if he can’t fix this, the Yankees have no other choice, other than kissing this season goodbye.
        An even scarier thought… should the Yanks choose to pull Mussina out of the rotation if he performs just as horrible in his next start, who are they going to replace him with? This is the answer Mussina gave when questions were raised about the Yanks pulling him out if he stumbled again last night. It’d pain me to see them bring back Igawa, who… might as well take hang up his uniform, however I would love to see the Yanks give Ian Kennedy a stab at the majors. With the way the other two highly touted rookies, Hughes and Chamberlain, have produced, I can’t wait to see what the third can do.
        The crappiest part about last night’s game was… the battering didn’t stop with the Moose off the mound. (
As if Mussina’s outing wasn’t bad enough.) In light of that news, you could say the Detroit was just having a great offensive night OR you can say that Sean Henn ****** too. After giving up 7 runs last night he’s given up  a total of 16 runs in his last 4 appearances (6.2 innings). That’s pretty much the definition of failure if you ask me. On top of that the offense scored zip… zero… nada… and managed all of 3 hits… great.
        For the good news: Boston vs. New York… ahhh… the highlight of Major League Baseball… what every Yankee and Red Sox fan lives for (at Yankee Stadium no less) and the best part: our top three guns are on the mound for it. Pettitte (who is again pressured to perform top notch), Clemens and Wang. If the Yanks can somehow manage a sweep they would be 5 games behind and still have 3 games with Boston left. I feel bad that Pettitte always has to be the stopper with Mussina going M.I.A. but I guess that’s what he gets paid for. If the Yanks leave this series with Boston with a 10 or more game deficit I might just go on down to the stadium and break someone’s leg… Ortiz: watch out.
    *By the way, wrote this game recap so late because I (thankfully) fell asleep during the game.*


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