Pettitte Perfect Does It Again

Pettitte_3             Another stellar outing for the Yankee stopper, who outduels Matsuzaka, going 7, giving up only 3 runs on 7 hits.  It still doesn’t cease to amaze me what a clutch player he is. After going an unbelievable 6 and 0  (with a 2.83 ERA) in August, I think it’s safe to say, he’s holding the team together right about now. What a performance. He gets the win against the Yankee rivals and sets the stage for the Rocket tomorrow.
        Other pitching praise goes to, first off, Joba 
Chamberlain. With no background music (unlike the Sandman), he jogs in from the bullpen in the 8th inning with a 2 run lead and gets a mighty ovation
from the Joba Crowd and…
shines. He notches 2 more strikeouts onto his belt, giving up only a hit and a walk, and continues the 0 earned run streak. The rookie has been stellar since coming up, and if he hasn’t already have every Yankee fan on his side, he sure does now, after getting the Yankee slayer Ortiz out and shutting down the bloody Sox. And, last but not least, the Sandman comes into the 9th on the grand stage and, in Mariano fashion, closes out the game and gives the Yanks the win they desperately needed (also notching 2 K’s.)
The offense, who racked up just as many hits as Boston, got some home run help from the Captain and, former Idiot, J.D. The offense wasn’t great tonight, but good enough. Damon went 2-4, as did the Silent Assassin. Ironically, after Michael Kay just finished mentioning Jeter’s current slump, El Capitan comes back with a “take that” homer to right-center. Then Varitek comes back to the tune of “anything your captain can do, ours can do better,” as he smacks one to left to tie the game again. However, it all ends when Damon answers the question, “Where’s Johnny?” in the 7th.   He answers, “Right Here!!” as he smacks one to right, avoiding the foul pole, and the squirrel on top of it, who had an awesome seat to another typical Boston/New York fight.
        This was an all-around great game to watch, that just epitomizes the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry. Even if it ends in the loss column for the Yanks, when they meet with the Sox, you know you’re going to get a great game out of it, if all else fails. I’m sure it’ll be another one, with Clemens on the mound tomorrow facing Beckett. Another win is a must, and would surely give Yankee fans at least a smidge of fuel in their frequent battles with Sox fans, something they haven’t had all year.

**Edit: Just announced: Ian Kennedy movin’ on up and taking the start for the lackluster Mussina. Another rookie getting a chance to shine this season, with all the Yankee troubles, which has really put the spotlight on the Yankee farm system. The Yanks, who quickly became known as a veteran team (one in which would trade top prospects to gain any advantage in the current year) has now changed into a, cream of the crop, rookie machine. The other two call-ups (Hughes & Chamberlain) have performed tremendously, with the pressure and all. Time to see if Kennedy has the fire of Yankee as well.**


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