Rocket Re-Re-Launch

Clemens_2William Roger Clemens transforms into the Rocket of old, absolutely dominating the Beantown lineup. With the pressure on last night’s starter handed right on down to Roger tonight, Clemens didn’t flinch. With a no hitter going into the 6th inning, Rocket was more than what the Yanks needed, as he fell right into the footsteps Pettitte left behind after last night’s start. Unfortunately, Big Papi ended it in the 6th with a solo shot to right to score the first run for the Sox, however that turned out to be one of only two hits Clemens would hand over. Talk about rising to the challenge. This Pettitte/Clemens one-two punch seems oddly familiar and… awfully comfortable. With Pettitte & Clemens of old being the backbone of this Yankee rotation, yet again, the Yankee chances of October baseball are looking a lot better than it did to begin this series.
        Speaking of pitchers of old, Farnsworth returned to his standard form as well, as he gives up a 2 run homer to Youkillis to make the game a lot closer than it should have been. Ahhhtypical.  I guess it would be too good to be true if he actually continued to pitch decent… It was fun while it lasted. Thankfully, Super Mario came in to save the day, end the inning and nail down the win for the Yanks. Other pitching propz goes to Vizcy, who (besides a walk) retires the side, like Farnsworth should have done.
        The offense, on the other hand, got enough runs to top Boston, however… didn’t do as well as the scoreboard reveals. With 14 hits, I find it odd that only four runs crossed the plate for the Yanks. However, the explanation is simple: 16 men left on base… not good to say the least… buuuttt, a win is a win is a win is a win, and the Yanks got the win. HA! Some offensive stars of the night, despite the high LOB total, includes the Melk Man, who went 3-4 with a run and an RBI, Godzilla & El Capitan who each went 2-4 and last but not least A-Rod, who sends one to left to add on to his 44 total for the year, also going 2-4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again and again), if he isn’t an MVP, I don’t know who is.
        The Yanks already win the series (big smile) and have a chance to pull out the brooms and sweep the Sox (huge smile) tomorrow in a matinee at 1:05. With Wang, who allowed only 1 run in 8 innings, in his last start, on the mound tomorrow, the Yanks have a great chance at slimming down Boston’s lead to 5 games, and possibly more after this series is over.

**Edit: Yanks move into a virtual tie with the Mariners for the Wild Card, who have been skydiving as of late (losing 5 in a row). The playoff race has just begun.**



  1. Beth

    What a great game. This was the toughest game on paper for the Yanks, and they managed to pull it off. As I said over at my joint, I wasn’t a fan of Rocket’s high walk total, but Boston blew chance after chance to do a lot of damage and knock Roger out. S-ucks to be them. LOL

    I was hoping Alex’s HR wouldn’t end up being a difference-maker, but knowing Farnsworthless like we all do, that was short-lived. It just goes to show that he’s the best player in the AL this year and Magglio Ordonez can go sit on a thumbtack.

  2. Vanessa

    Yeah, the high walk total wasn’t pleasant, but with 2 hits, I’ll take it.

    I actttuuuaalllly thought Farnsworth would perform at leassst decent when he came in. (I know, hard to believe.) But… as always, flops, and Torre gets him out before he gives up the lead (for once). Arod has the MVP award locked down this year, and although Ordonez has had a phenomenal year, he doesn’t stand a chance.

  3. Jason

    Very good post, Vanessa, and I agree, Clemens was terrific, more tough than great, but avoided trouble with the walks and held Boston down. Nuke has been very good lately, but is still just too darned unpredictable for the Yankees’ own good. A-Rod’s homer was massive, really crucial in an unnecessarily close game. I agree about the MVP, and still think Jorge should get some votes as the best two-way catcher in the game, but A-Rod is the MVP, period. Melky has been very clutch as well of late, making the lineup extra-tough.

  4. Vanessa

    I think that’s the best word to describe Farnsworth: unpredictable. Unfortunately the Yanks can’t afford to go to a guy night after night not knowing what they’re going to get from him. Hopefully his awfulness won’t cost the Yanks the postseason. Jorge has been a reaaaallly valuable part of the Yanks, but catchers don’t get much consideration to start with, and Arod’s year has been to inhuman to ignore.

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