It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

Wang          Chien-Ming Wang outduels Schilling and tops Clemens’s outing the night before, taking his own no-hitter into the 7th, after Clemens’s no hit bid fellshort in the 6th last night. Wang went 7 innings, not allowing a run,
and surrendering only
one hit off the bat of Mike Lowell, that ended the no-hitter and led to an interesting inning, in which both managers stepped out to argue a play in which Youkilis clearly stepped out of the baseline and resulted in a Francona ejection. However, the ejections didn’t stop there, as they never seem to do in Yankee/Red Sox battles, after the Yankee fans’ own Joba Chamberlain gets thrown out in the 9th after two consecutive pitches thrown over the head of Youkilis (who probably wasn’t enjoying the day he was having). Yet another strange occurrence in a BOS/NYY game. The play was so bizarre that it’s hard to tell whether or not the pitches were intentional, as there was no rhyme or reason as to why they would be, other than retaliation for the Alex HBP in Game 1. Even more strange was Torre’s choice to keep Joba in the game for another inning, considering he would not have him for Sunday’s game if he did (thanks to the Joba Rules), especially after already having Edwar Ramirez warm up in the bullpen in the bottom of the 8th. Edwar comes into the 9th, with the ejection of Joba, gets the next two outs and nails down the win nonetheless.
        The offense came only off the bat of Robinson Cano up until the 8th, after Cano launched 2 consecutive homers to the same spot in left-center, giving the Yanks the two run lead that stuck until 3 insurance runs, 2 of which were scored on a throwing error by Varitek, who made an attempt at catching Abreu stealing third, were tacked on in the 8th. Huge 
applause to A-Rod from scoring all they way from first.
Other offensive acclaim goes to Jeet, who goes 4-4 (with a run scored),
raising his batting average to .325, clearly letting Kay know his slump
        This game simply had Déjà Vu written all over it. A no-hit bid two days in a row. Two homeruns to the same spot by Cano, two at-bats in a row. Two balls over the head of a Red Sox batter in the same spot, two pitches in a row. And finally, two sweeps of Beantown at the end of August two years in a row. (Memories of that 5 game sweep last year… good times.)
        With the Yanks now only 5 games back (with 3 games still left to play with Boston) and a ½ game up on Seattle, the Yanks look forward to seeing the Devil Rays, who come into the Bronx for a three game weekend series. It’s about time the Yanks see a crappy team. With two highly touted rookies pitching back to back for the first two games of the series, and Pettitte Perfect on the mound for the last game of the series, it’s sure to be a great weekend for the Yanks.

**Edit: Shoutout to the squirrel, who is quickly becoming the Yanks mascot, after chilling atop the right field foul pole in Game 1. Someone came in with a sign resembling the foul pole last night, with a toy squirrel on top and… low and behold, today, instead of racking up "K’s" Wang was racking up squirrels. Ahhhonly in Yankee Stadium.**



  1. Deidre

    The Yankees are known for coming on strong when it matters. Good time to start blogging about them and welcome aboard! I don’t often blog about the Yankees and don’t really care if Clemens chokes on a calzone (I was born in Boston) but all’s fair in love and baseball. Right now, I’m worried about the Mariners. Man, I hate putting my heart on a wild card berth.


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