Bats Silent In Series Loss

Pettitte2Pettitte goes 6 and a third, performing a lot better than his final line reveals (6.1.IP, 11 Hits, 5ER, 2BB, 9K) but leaves with the loss. After pitching 6 innings, having given up only 2 runs on 103 pitches, Torre sends him back out, with three lefties up after Navarro, in hopes of keeping the score at 2-1, and possibly preserving Pettitte’s winning streak. However, with 103 pitches already to start the inning, that didn’t seem likely. Pettitte gives up 2 singles and a 3-run home run, knocking him out of the game and starting off his September with a loss after going 6-0 in August.
        The story of the game, however, is not Pettitte’s performance (which was outstanding before the 7th) but the Yankee offense (or lack there of). The Yanks manage only one run off the man who came into the game with a 7.44 ERA, and only 2 runs in the game. Besides the 9 run assault yesterday, the Yankee bats were on vacation this series, scoring only three runs total in the two losses of this series. The silent bats started at the top of with the lineup with the first four of the order (Damon, Jeter, Abreu, Arod) combining for all the strikeouts in today’s game (though Abreu did rack up 2 hits) but the entire lineup really left Pettitte out to dry, leaving a ******** 22 men left on base in the last game of a real upset series. Coming off a sweep against the best team in baseball, this series against the team 26 games behind in the AL East seemed to be a piece of cake, but pitching troubles started the series and hitting troubles ended it. The kid, Ian Kennedy, making his first Major League start, provided the only win… figures.
        Luckily the never winning Mariners (formerly known as the never losing Mariners) lose again (their 9th straight) so the Yanks keep their 2 game Wild Card lead. The Mariners now come into the Bronx for the a three game series, that can potentially have a huge impact in the Wild Card standings. Another three game sweep would surely put them away, though it’s not likely. With the way baseball tends to be I wouldn’t be surprised if Seattle just “happens” to come to life when they play the Yanks. For now, the Yanks’ chances of winning the series looks good, with Clemens and Wang kicking it off, though the pitching for the Mariners will be just as tough against the Yanks, which can really kill if the Yankee bats don’t find a way to get runs across the plate again.
        Also, some more advice for the Orioles: REALLY invest in those paper bags. If not, throw in the towel. First you give up 30 runs to the Rangers, then get no hit by a rookie making his second Major League start… with the way you’re going you might not sell enough tickets to pay your players’ salaries next year.




    Detroit lost so the Yankees keep their 3 game lead over the Tigers (and their 2 game lead over Seattle)

    for such a bad day be happy that the the Yankees didn’t lose any ground in the WC


    We need to really take care of Seattle, even though tomorrow against King Felix may not be the best time for the bats to be slumping but we’ll see.

  3. Jason

    As usual on the could have been worse front, level’s right. Thankfully, the Yankees have gotten some luck with others losing, since the Yankees are 6-7 in their last 13. Indeed, lucky, it seems as though the Yankees have risen to the occasion against good teams lately, and faltered against the ones with the poorer records.

    You make good points about today’s ghoulish game, Vanessa. The top of the order was lousy on the whole, leaving a ton of men on base and really looking bad against Hammel. I can see why Torre wanted Pettite to face the lefties, especially since Vizcaino–who is good against lefties–was so bad yesterday. But it seemed pretty clear to me that Pettite was gassed after the sixth. He got into trouble, and the Yankees were fortunate they weren’t down by more than one run.

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