Bullpen Boosts Yanks In Battle Royal(e)

        Kennedy makes his second Major League start and goes 5, allowing only 2 runs on 7 hits. Mini-Moose (nick-named for his wind-up, which has an almost scary resemblance to that of the Yankee veteran) got into trouble early, losing command of his pitches. He allowed the Royals to tie the game at 2 in the 2nd inning but settled down and didnt allow another run for the rest of the game. Although Ian’s outing wasn’t outstanding, he kept the Yanks in the game, which is more than enough to ask of the rookie. Joba3_1And, speaking of rookies, Joba “The Man”€ Chamberlain does what
he does best. He comes into the 7th, with the watchful eyes of his father upon him (who is put to tears at the sight of his boy in the Bigs), and keeps the score at 3-2. He comes back out for the 8th and again, keeps his ERA at a stunning 0.00.  It doesn’t get any better than that. The Sandman then comes into the game with the one run lead and€… the Yankees win. This Joba-Sandman combo, reminiscent to that of the younger Mariano-Wettland combo of ‘96, has become the winning formula for the Yanks since Chamberlain got the call up. As the quest for October baseball continues, it’s hard not to already picture the great intensity and dominance, that each pitcher shares, on the big stage in the postseason.
        The offense wasn’t top notch tonight… actually, it was pretty much not there, but it did however manage to score the 3 runs needed to win this game. The almost only offensive force tonight was the same as it was in the Yanks’ last game: Alex Rodriguez. Fresh off a day’s off of rest, he picks up where he left off and hits a home run that hit the tip of the wall in left, then trickled over, in his first at bat of the game, (shortly followed by another home run off the bat of Posada in the same inning) pushing him one more closer toward 50 on the season. He also racked up two more hits in the game, going 3-4, with a walk, a run and an RBI on the night. The only other hitter besides Rodriguez with a multi-hit game was The Melk Man, who went 2-4, getting some more of his key hits leading off an inning. Bobby Abreu, who had one hit on the night, got the game winner however. The hit came with perfect timing, as the game wore on and it soon became realized that the Yanks weren’t going to pull off another late inning blowout. He doubled to left-center to score Jeter from first and put the Yanks ahead 3-2, which stood as the final score after the bullpen, who was the story of tonight (how often can you say that?), shut down the Royals for the rest of the game.
        One particular person part of the bullpen that deserves special mention is the old Farnsy himself. Farnsworth comes into the sixth, allowing only one hit and 0 runs. Besides the 2 run 0.2 inning blip against Boston on August 29th, the good Farnsworth has been in full control, sending the bad Farnsworth packing. It may have to do with the innings Farnsworth is being chosen to pitch in now. I don
t think he was particularly meant for the late game pressure situations. Some can handle it and considering the performance he gave when he was the 8th inning man, I doubt he’€™s one of them. Hopefully the Good Farnsworth is here to stay and the Bad Farnsworth doesn’t make an attempt to rise from his grave.
        Pettitte Perfect on the mound tomorrow so it should be a good game on the pitching side for the Yanks. The offense on the other hand, who has become unpredictable as of late (seemingly not being able to get on a constant good hitting streak) is another story.


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  1. Jason

    Vanessa, many thanks for stopping by the Heartland Digital Living Room last night. It was a blast, all the more so since you dropped by. The moment with Joba and his Dad was nothing short of great. Keep up the good work here on your blog, which I always like to scan.

    I like the Yanks’ chances today with Pettite against the good youngster Bannister. Last night wasn’t the prettiest game, especially with the 12 LOB and 8 in scoring position, but the pitching carried them through. I can’t help but be impressed with the young arms. Even though Kennedy struggled early, he settled in quite well, and Joba has been amazing. Even my boy Cool Hand Nuke has stepped up since the All-Star break. Unlike so many other games, the arms carried the bats last night.


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