The “Big Hurt” Hurts Yanks In Late Inning Loss

Frank_thomas        A pitcher’s duel started the game off, as A.J. Burnett and rookie sensation Ian Kennedy each did their part in shutting down the opposing team’€™s offense in tonight’€˜s game. Mini Moose, making his third start in the Majors, went 7 innings, allowing only one run on an outstanding one hit (which was an inches from being caught by Melky in center).  However, despite Kennedy’s great performance, A.J. Burnett was having an equally outstanding night, going 8 innings, also allowing only one run. With the way each pitcher was pitching, it became increasingly more evident that the game wouldn’t really start until each pitcher got pulled from the game. Unfortunately for the Yanks, A.J. Burnett wasn’€™t pulled until after the 8th, which only gave the Yanks an inning to score some runs or else rely on the bullpen to get them into extras.
        Vizcaino, who hadn’€™t pitched since last Tuesday did his job out of the bullpen, striking out two and not allowing a hit in his inning of work in the 8th. Chris Britton, on the other hand, did not, allowing the winning run to score in the 9th after giving up a hit to Rios, letting him steal, and then giving up another hit to the Big Hurt, Frank Thomas, who drove in both of the Blue Jay’s runs in tonight’s game, officially ending the Yanks’ 7 game winning streak on a sour note.
        With a bad pitching performance to end the game and not much offense throughout the game, there isn’€™t much to say about this letdown, except that it better not happen again tomorrow. The Yanks head off to Boston to face the Red Sox in the last series between these two teams of the season, which in itself, holds high importance. As said in previous posts, with a now 5.5 game deficit in the AL East and less than 20 games left in the season, it is highly unlikely that the Yanks will take the division this year, but with the history of these two teams, a lot of fans (especially this one) will be tuning in to each game with eager eyes, hoping to get their last hoo-rah in the numerous off the field BOS/NYY fan feuds, with each side fighting for team pride.
        The highlight of the game goes to JD, who gave a young kid in left field 20 Canadian dollars after receiving it from another fan who handed it to Damon after Johnny gave him a ball. It used to be you only got autographs from ballplayers… how times have changed.
        Also, a Yankee fan in Canada had a cap with a toy squirrel on top of it, proving that the squirrel has become, no doubt, a world wide phenomenon. (If not… he should be.) They also showed footage of the squirrel in one the games in (I think) this series, in which the squirrel was still on top of that right field foul pole in Yankee Stadium, even with the Yanks out of town. Talk about dedication.



  1. Jason

    The moment with Damon, the ball, and the $20 was classic. Damon is just naturally a people person. It’s impressive to see.

    I wanted the win big-time, but was unwilling to go through another epic battle ala Angels/Detroit to get it if it meant blowing out the entire bullpen, which was already thin. It was a disappointing loss for sure, but living to play and pitch another day wasn’t the worst thing in the world, either.

    Kennedy was magnificent. but unfortunately Burnett matched him. It was one heck of a pitchers duel. Boston won’t be a pushover by any means, but I feel two of three in Boston is definitely within reach.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Vanessa

    Yes, Damon is genuinely that type of person and I almost forget that I used to hate him when he was wearing the despised Red Sox uniform.
    I know, although everyone wanted a win, it would have been better if the Yanks didn’t burn out the bullpen just before the big series with Boston.

    Kennedy, Hughes, Chamberlain have lived up to the hype that had surrounded them even before they made it to the Majors. They’ve had a big impact, so far, in where the Yanks are now.

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