8th Inning Magic Give The Yanks Comeback Win

Melkycano3_1In a game that started off with the Yanks’ #1 pitcher, Andy Pettitte, failing to hold the Sox down, the Yanks come back, pulling off a dramatic win in Beantown. Before the game began, the match-up between the two heavyweights, Andy Pettitte vs. Daisuke Matsuzaka, (who have 27 wins among them) looked to be a sight to see. The game started off slow, with both Dice-K and Pettitte throwing more than enough pitches in the first couple of the innings of the game. However, it didn’t stop there. Both pitchers lasted less than 6 innings in tonights game, with Pettitte only lasting 4, while giving up 5 runs on 101 pitches. I guess it was too much to ask of Pettitte to continue to pitch as dominant as he has of late, but luckily the offense picked him up with an incredible late inning comeback win, in Boston no less.
        With the Pettitte failure to start the game and a less than loaded bullpen available tonight, the game quickly began to look bleak. It looked even more unappealing as the clock began to tick faster, while game just went slower. This game was actually two minutes from becoming the longest 9 inning game in Major League history. Only two minutes from breaking the record set by… none other than the same two teams playing tonight: the Yanks vs. the Red Sox (who set the record in a game in Boston during the 5 game sweep by the Yanks just last year). Despite the slow pace, the game just got more increasingly out of hand with spotty defense and poor pitching out of the bullpen for the Yanks. By the time the game got into the late innings, it looked as if there wasn’t much left in the Yanks… until the offense showed up.
        The man that started the outstanding inning that won the game for the Yanks was Jason Giambi, who probably had some extra initiative after botching some crucial plays at first. Giambi hit a home run to start off the 8th inning, which was quickly followed by another home run by Robinson Cano, which put the Yanks within 3 runs of tying the Red Sox at 7.  Some other big hits from the Yanks in that incredible 8th inning include a double by Johnny Damon, who went 4-6 against his former team, a double by Bobby Abreu, that tied the game, and most importantly, a single by soon to be AL MVP Alex Rodriguez, that gave the Yanks the lead and the win (after Vizcaino & Mo nailed it down for the next two innings.)
        This game, although unconventional, was exactly what so many Yankee and Red Sox games are like: dramatic. This game started off grim but ended up being a thrilling comeback win that could be the tone-setter for the 2 upcoming games against the Yanks’ storied rivals. Next up is Wang vs. Beckett, with even more than just the AL East at stake, but the AL Cy Young Award, which is no doubt going to end up in one of these two starter’s hands. Which one, however, could depend on the winner of tomorrow’ game.
        Boston vs. New York… I live for this.
*Sorry for the late recap.*


One comment

  1. Jason

    Vanessa, this was no doubt an enormous win for the Yankees, turning around on Boston exactly what they did to the Yanks back on April 20 in Boston, when they scored five in the bottom of the eighth to spoil a great start from Pettite. The Yankees’ offense came to life to take Pettite off the hook, and kudos to Brian Bruney for throwing 1 1/3 innings of very good ball–just like last year in Game 2 of Boston Massacre III, when he kept the Yankees it in.

    This game certainly lived up to your blog title, no question.

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