The Wins Keep On Coming

Pettitte3        The winning streak extends to 4 in a row (for now) as Andy Pettitte turned in a typical Pettitte Perfect outing, going 7.2 innings, allowing only one run on 7 hits. Sadly, the Yankee offense didn’t give Pettitte much breathing room, but the "Old Reliable", as usual, didn’t need it. Pettitte, with his uncanny ability to wiggle out of pressing innings, took a page out of Wang’s book, using three double plays to his advantage as well as keeping his walk total for tonight at a measly 2 base on balls. With this win, Pettitte increases his career total to 200 wins, a number Clemens would probably consider minor to his colossal total of 354. However, Pettitte’s 200th was more than just another milestone to add to his resume. It was the win that put the Yanks within 1.5 games of the Red Sox, who took another loss to the Blue Jays tonight. Just 1.5 games behind the first place Red Sox from a team that put themselves in a hole of 14 games behind earlier in the season, and 5.5 games back just 5 days ago is simply… unbelievable.
        Unbelievable as the standings are now, tonight’s game itself wasn’t too spectacular, except for the performance by Pettitte… oh and Mariano, who just had to make this game a little more interesting. Mo comes into the game in the 9th to load the bases with two outs for the second time in one week. The stadium erupted, while Posada and Mo chatted on the mound, after seeing the stadium out of town scoreboard lit up with the magnificent sight of Toronto up by 5 on the Sox. The pressure was officially on.  The final batter, Scott Moore, stepped up to the plate and Mariano, after throwing the first pitch for a ball, threw three back to back strikes to sit down Moore, end the game, get the save and give every Yankee fan, at home and at Yankee stadium, the chance to scream and cheer like maniacs.
        As for everything else in the game… well, there wasn’t much else. Only five hits from the offense, with no batter having more than one. Godzilla, however, had a home run that put the first run on the board for the Yanks. The only other highlight worth noting would be Joba’s minor, but fascinating, appearance. He came in with 2 outs in the 8th (his first time coming into the game in the middle of an inning) and dominated the only batter he faced on three pitches. The three pitches were simple: strike one, strike two, strike three – you’re out. Unbelievable.
        As said before, the Yanks are now only 1.5 games behind Boston, a feat that more than enough people wouldn’t have been able to fathom earlier in the year. The Yanks also sit finely cushioned atop in the Wild Card standings, now with a 5.5 game lead over Detroit. It’s kinda sad… the Yanks manage only 5 hits, take the lead on a wild pitch, allow the bases to load in the 9th and still get the win, while the Sox and Detroit can’t buy a win right now. (Ha!) *The "Ha!" is not a re-creation of the now infamous A-Rod "Ha" episode.
        Countdown to October Baseball begins. Will the AL East Division or AL Wild Card end up in the Yanks’ hands this year? Whichever one it may be, I think it’s evident that the champagne bottles are ready.


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  1. Jason

    I am extremely impressed with where the Yankees are right now. They’ve played outstanding ball since the All-Star break–45-21–and have played their way to within one in the loss column in the East. Given that they beat Boston in the season series, Boston’s losing one more game than the Yankees the rest of the way would give the Yanks the division for the tenth straight year. Though clearly the goal is a World Series championship, a division title would be a great feather in the Yankees’ collective cap, especially after the travails they endured in the first half of the season.

    Pettite was again brilliant and tough, and it was good for the Yankees to have, and win, such a close, low-scoring game.

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