A-Rod/Melky Tag Team Wreak Havoc In The Bronx

Melky4_9          A game that started with an hour and a half rain delay ends up being a magnificent extra
inning win for the Yanks after the absolutely heart-breaking 14 inning game last night. This game was, by far, the most wild, nerve wrecking, excruciating, mind blowing, nail biting, fist pumping, thrilling games ever played. This game clearly epitomized the title of this blog. However, unlike most games, this game was dramatic beyond belief. This game was enough to incite a heart attack… more than once. This was more than a game. It was the second battle of a war (one in which will end on Monday afternoon in the fourth game of this already fun filled series with Toronto).
        This game was started by Phil Hughes, who was substituted for the substitute (Clemens) who was planning to substitute for Ian Kennedy. (Figure that out.) Both Clemens and Kennedy couldn’t start the game due to minor injuries, therefore leaving it up to Hughes to start the game that everyone was hoping would be a bounce back from an awful loss last night. Hughes went 5 innings allowing 3 runs and although Hughes didn’t go far into the ballgame, he did better than his line reveals. The three runs that scored on him were given up on a pitch that was fought off inside for a ground ruled double (which scored one) and a blooper to left-center (which scored the other two). However, bloopers weren’t just harming Hughes. Bloop singles seemed to just keep killing the Yankee bullpen while the Yanks continually attempted to rise from the ashes. Torre made some questionable moves throughout the game as he attempted (time and time again) to search for an answer out of the bullpen, which could not find a way to shut down the Blue Jay offense.
        The bullpen performance was so horrendous that a total of 10 pitchers were used in this game by the Yanks, which sets a new franchise record (one I’m sure they didn’t want to break). It got bad enough that Torre dared to bring in the failure Kei Igawa in the 8th to get an out. Igawa gave up the single that tied the game again in the 8th but did manage to get the last out… just kidding; the defense got it for him (by throwing out Zaun at home, who attempted to score while a rundown occurred between 1st and 2nd base). The pitching blunders were too much to list but luckily the offense was the same, battling back after every new setback this game, as well as this season, which has been just as amazing as this game so far.

The Yanks got offensive contribution across the board from Jeter & Mientkiewicz (with two hits each), Abreu (with 3 walks) and Matsui & Jorge (with three hits each), but there were two bats in the lineup that stood above all the rest in this game, one of which that has done so all year. A-Rod & Melky, both of which started the game with slumps, each had more than one big hit in today’s game and some flashes of leather to go along with it. A-Rod, who has been a familiar force all year, got 4 hits that essentially made this win possible. His first hit of the game was a single that put runners on first and second with one out in the 4th. His second (spectacular) hit of the game was a double to right field that scored two and gave the Yanks the lead in the 6th. His third hit was a single to center field which put the Yanks ahead again, doing so for the second time of the game. Lastly, his final hit was a double to put himself in scoring position with 2 outs in the 9th. He also made a nice play at third with split second reactions after a bullet was hit to the hot corner. Rodriguez has been carrying the Yanks on his shoulders from game 1 of this season and I still find it comical that just last year the crowd in the Bronx cringed and eagerly booed this same third baseman (in his own ballpark) every time he stepped up to the plate with the pressure on. Now, the offense is basically built around this loaded bat and the fans continually look for no one other than this ballplayer (if that’s what you call him) with the game on the line. No words can explain it. His number should be retired throughout all of baseball for this season alone. No one else deserves to wear it.
        Lastly, the other big bat in the lineup today was Melky Cabrera. The Melk Man went 3-7, with his biggest hit of the night obviously being his 10th inning game winning single. However, his other two hits scored 4 of the 5 runs he drove in on the night. Melky’s hits came in the later innings of the game, after going hitless in his first few at-bats (adding on to 3-38 slump going into the game) but they came just in time. The Yanks needed virtually every hitter in the lineup to contribute in order to win this head scratcher and Melky gladly gave them the most support. He also made an unbelievable throw in the 10th from deep center field to nail the runner at home and keep the score tied at 11. This game should give him more than enough fuel to keep the fire burning.
        The Yanks have two more game left in this final series in the Bronx (of the regular season) before going on the road to face Tampa Bay. If the next two games are as dramatic as the first two I might need heart surgery by the time this series is over.



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  1. Jason

    Vanessa, thanks a bunch for hanging out in the Heartland Digital Living Room for the game. I only wish I didn’t have a billion things to do during the game yesterday–although I was sure, as the Yankees’ struggles coincided with my watching, that my being away from the game was for the best. The relief pitching was wretched; thankfully, we can rest assured that we won’t see most of them throwing for the Yankees in October.

    The bats were enormous, starting with Melky the Clutch. The kid is money at the plate with the game on the line. He delivers a lot. A-Rod is having the greatest offensive year for a Yankee I’ve ever witnessed. Matsui is getting back into form, and great to see his passing the 100 RBI plateau yet again. Jorge, the guts of the team, has literally been hot-hitting the whole year. What a year for a great player and person.

    Great win–frustrating, but great. Keep up the good work. Your blog has been even more aptly named after the last couple games. Don’t let school get you too stressed.


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