Renewed Moose Solid In Relief

Moose_3 After two grueling days of punch for punch baseball, the Yanks enjoyed a less dramatic, but just as thrilling win in the Bronx, started off by the Moose, who confirms that his lackluster performance of late August is long gone after giving the Yanks 7 solid innings and the win in today’s matinee. Mussina allowed no more than 3 runs and a mere one walk as he went deep into the ballgame, giving an exhausted bullpen some much needed relief. Mussina and Torre both insist that the Moose has done nothing to alter his mechanics and that his success since being plugged back into the rotation is all the result of his mindset. Someone once said, "It never ceases to amaze me how many of baseball’s wounds are self-inflicted." (Bill Veeck) It never ceases to amaze me either. Baseball has become such a mental sport that players can no longer rely on talent alone. Luckily, the rejuvenated Moose returned to his prior reliable form, giving the Yanks the innings they needed, while keeping the Blue Jay offense to a minimal.
        The offense continued to take care of business as they put a total of 7 runs on the board in today’s win. The leader of the pack was Jose Molina, filling in for Jorge who took the day off after catching 202 pitches in yesterday’s five hour marathon. Molina went 3-4, scoring once and driving in three. He was backed up by Cano, who went 3-5, with a RBI and a run scored, while his partner in crime and the other half of the "C&C Crew" had a tough day at the plate, striking out thrice after his heroics in last night’s/day’s game (although he did make a spectacular throw to nail down his 14th outfield assist). Jeter & Abreu also contributed with 2 hits each, as well as an RBI for Jeet and a run scored for Bobby.
       Although the offense provided the runs that won the game, the real story lies in the pitching, which revolved around only three pitchers today (shockingly), one of which who wasn’t expected to make an appearance. With Mussina’s solid outing, Torre only needed to pull two rabbits of his hat to finish off the game. The first was Vizcaino, who quickly got the first two outs of the 8th and then lost it, giving up 2 runs on a homer off the bat of Matt Stairs. With every pitcher still heaving after the work of the two previous games and no other reliable option out of the pen, Torre resigned to breaking the Joba rules and brought Chamberlain into the game with 2 outs in the 8th. Joba was dominant as usual, striking out the last batter of the 8th and going on to pitching the next inning, striking out the last two batters of the 9th to pick himself up his first save of his career, on his 22nd birthday no less.
        One more game left in this insanely odd series and the Yanks’ Old Reliable Andy Pettitte will finish it off, starting the final home game of the regular season in place of Clemens, who’s start was pushed back yet again. The Yanks are now back at 1 1/2 games behind the Red Sox, who shouldn’t resign themselves to a playoff berth with the Yanks closer to a Division title than they might think.




    Nice recap and with tomorrows starters I want to think it won’t be as high scoring but who knows? Go Yanks.

  2. Jason

    I agree, Mussina has been excellent and reminded those of us (including me) who were quick to start writing his epitaph that he has some good baseball left in him. Other than a tough second, he was in full control, and finished strong. The importance of his giving most of the bullpen a much-needed blow cannot be overstated. Joba is amazing, really one of the ten most pivotal players in baseball the second half of the year.

    Impressive work from the offense today, racking up a dozen hits and nine walks to really pressure the Jays’ bullpen yet again. Molina has been tremendous for the Yanks, and should be signed to a multi-year deal as soon as the year ends. Cano has been good lately, and it’s good to see Jeter bouncing back from his recent slump.

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