Rookie Tops MVP Slam With Bullpen Blunders

Arod13        When announced that Kei Igawa would be starting this game in place of Roger Clemens (who will not ready to make his return for the rest of the regular season) it was pretty much evident that this game wouldn’t be pretty, given the previous performances (or lack there of) by Igawa this year. The game was just that: not pretty. However, this time, it wasn’t due to Igawa’s pitching performance. Igawa pitched an impressive game (not kidding), going 5 innings (though he could’ve gone longer with a pitch count of 87), not giving up a run and allowing only 2 hits (seriously), though he did get into some trouble with walks. After Igawa was pulled, Torre entrusted a solid 5 run lead with Edwar Ramirez and regretably Brian Bruney. Ramirez, who gave up a hit and two walks while recording one out to start the 6th, obviously did not do his job. However, Brian Bruney, who came in to relieve Ramirez, did far worse. After giving up a game winning walk off home run on Friday against Toronto, Torre chose to bring him back out… to watch him fail again. He came in with a 4 run lead to walk two batters and watch a grand slam find its way into the left field seats. To say the least, Bruney shouldn’t punch his ticket to the ALDS just yet.
        The offense, which was backed up by a grand slam (home run # 53) by AL MVP Alex Rodriguez, made an effort to overcome the bullpen failure as they tied the game and went into extra innings. However, with one swing of the bat in the bottom of the 10th, the Devil Rays snatched the game from the Yanks’ hands, while the Yankees were forced to walk away from a game (that was well within reach) with the loss with their Magic Number still sitting at 1. Though A-Rod stole the show with yet another home run (in grand fashion) and 4 RBI’s to go with it, the main offensive force tonight was Johnny Damon who went a perfect 5-5 with 2 runs scored. Cano & DJ each had a multi-hit night, with Cano with 3 hits and Jeet with 2 (as well as an RBI and run scored).
       Not much words can be said about this disappointing loss. The Yanks unfortunately can’t rely on Joba & Mo every night, which makes it extremely important that everyone else in the bullpen can perform when asked to when the big guns out of the pen aren’t available. There are 5 games left in the regular season. With the Yankees’ almost sure shot chance of making the playoffs, which is extremely remarkable considering how disastrous this season started, the Yanks can ill afford to have any weaknesses going into the post-season, especially not in the bullpen, which normally possesses almost no margin for error. The Yanks have 5 games to get one win. With Wang on the mound tomorrow night and Joba and Mo locked and loaded, be prepared for a celebration.


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    I think your right, tomorrow’s the day, I just think Torre should have went with some of his main guys a little longer instead of conceding the game with Karstens.

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