13 & 27

Cano_celebration_5The day has come. The day in which the triumph and tragedy of the 162 grueling games of the regular season justifies the immense work put into it. The Yankees, who were eagerly counted out extremely early in the year after their downright gruesome start to the season, made one of the most thrilling and improbable comebacks most have ever seen. The Yanks are rarely (if ever) referred to as the underdog, but in a season in which at one point the Yanks saw themselves 14 games out of the division lead, the Yanks, for the first time in a long time, had to overcome something this storied franchise is not accustomed to: monstrous adversity.
        Though the Yanks are used to reaching the playoffs on a yearly basis (especially in this current 13 post-season berth streak), no team goes an entire season without a challenge. However, the challenges thrown at the Yanks this year were beyond the norm and almost unfair. The starting rotation crumbled. The bullpen diminished. The high caliber offense feared by every team in the Majors battled inconsistency to the point of frustration. The sight of the AL East standings could invoke a plethora of sentiments, none of which involved joy.
       Although even the most die hard fans became distressed with the early struggles of the 2007 season, the minute bit of faith left in the hearts of Yankee fans refused to allow them to give in, even after the numerous outrages generated by the heartbreaking defeats. Now that New Yorkers can breathe a sigh of relief, it’s almost comical to look back at the Yanks’ sheer night and day season in which after the first half of disappoint, the Yanks made a complete turn around, becoming the hottest team in baseball
since the All-Star break, setting the stage for their miraculous comeback.
       The Yanks can attribute the success of this season to both the old and the new. Veterans were the backbone, while the rookies became the igniter when fuel was running low. Each had their own part in piecing this team back together. Although some players had more of an impact, it’s hard to pin an entire team’s success on a few individual players. Some have had their struggles and corrected their mistakes, while others have been at the top of their game all year but together they’ve molded a season that has been full of everything baseball encompasses: frustration, thrill, excitement, disappointment, shock, heartbreak, victory and… drama. Although a better start to the year would’ve been a lot easier, it also would’ve stripped the fear, uncertainty, faith and thrill that September calls upon as teams vie for their ticket to October Baseball.
        From rock bottom to top of the heap is nothing short of amazing but, as Yankee fans know all to well, as soon as the calendar reads October, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done up until that point. It’s all or nothing at all in October and the Yanks and their fans will settle for nothing less than World Series Championship #27.



  1. Jason

    Good post Vanessa. I’m still aglow from last night’s clincher, and really was struck by how emotional everyone was after the win. I’m not surprised by the emotion, just the intensity of it. I’m also glad that the magnificent comeback leading to the playoff spot reaffirmed so many players’ reverence for Torre, who has had some recent ups and downs but is someone who gets a lot of love and respect from the team.

    This team proved yet again, as they have so many times from 1996 onward, that they should not be counted out, period. They don’t quit ever. Aside from the wealth of talent on the team, there’s an awful lot of character in that clubhouse too. They showed that in full force this season.

    There’s just nothing like October baseball. Nothing. Let’s Go, Yankees!


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