On The Edge

Edge_3With the regular season finished and the post-season undergo, the Yankees find themselves already two games down in a best of five series with the Indians and on the brink of packing it up for the year. Two sweeps have already been completed in the National League, while two teams in the American League head into today’s game with that same aim in mind. Though the Yanks are one loss from sheer disaster, they sit in a position they’ve been in before. Just six years ago and one loss away from heading home empty handed, the Yanks battled back to win the ALDS (as well as the ALCS and one win short of winning the World Series) providing hope for the 2007 New York Yankees, who look to accomplish the same feat.
        With the far from perfect season the Yanks have been through this year and the same multitude of failure witnessed, this new obstacle is no different. Although the Yanks completed a miraculous comeback to make it to the post-season, they’ll now have only one chance to stay in the post-season. It’s safe to say however that this team is still up for the challenge. Tonight’s game will be do or die… as will the next and the next (should the Yanks succeed).
        There is nothing more frightening than watching your team dig themselves a hole they have little chance of coming out of, however… the Yankees are no ordinary team. They will not wave the white flag or utter the words, "there’s always next year," for losing is not an image they can imagine. The odds are against the Yanks, as they’ve been all year, but the Yankees and their fans refuse to throw in the towel. No battle is won without a fight.
        "There is no substitute for victory." -Douglas MacArthur.


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