One Story Ends While Another Has Yet To Begin

            The infamous baseball manager of the New York Yankees, Joe Torre, is no longer at the helm of this victorious dynasty and will not be closing out the Yanks’ final season in the current Yankee Stadium. However, contrary to the threat of the Yankee owner, he was not released after the team failed to advance any further than the ALDS. He instead declined an offer that has been recently criticized as an offer "meant to be declined". Although the offer decreased his base salary to 5 million, it would have provided an extra million dollar bonus for each level the team advanced into the playoffs, presenting a more "get paid as you go" standard. There is no absolute way to know what the Yanks really had in mind when this offer was made, but if you’re Torre, getting a two and a half million dollar pay cut, while still being the highest paid manager in baseball, with the chance to earn even more (eight million) and the opportunity to manage in the final year of the current stadium with the possibility of managing the first year of the new stadium, was the offer that bad? Then again, was this offer an insult?
        Despite whatever controversies surround the heads of the Yankee franchise and/or Joe Torre, the Yanks will nonetheless be steered by a new manager next season, one who will be looking to take the Yanks and their fans back to the post-season with hopes of holding the World Series trophy in hand come October’s end. With one question already tackled this off-season, there are still plenty left to be answered with the uncertain futures of many of the prides of the Yanks, with the most notable in Alex Rodriguez, who could decide to leave the Yanks for a higher paycheck next season, even with the green he’s already making.
        With the Yanks’ disappointing end to the 2007 season and an already disappointing off-season, there is no safe guard for the blow the Yanks can take this off-season if the Evil Empire receives a dose of its own medicine. Though the major reason that the off-season is despised by fans is because there are no more games to watch, the major reason this fan despises the off-season is because baseball becomes intertwined once more with the rest of the world, the one that’s blindly fueled by one thing: money.

**Edit: Torre will be revealing the reason(s) behind his decision in 2 hours… let the countdown begin.**

**Re-Edit: After first hearing of Torre’s decision to decline and no longer return as the Yankee manager in 2007 and after being spoiled by his presence on the team for basically my whole life, I was honestly disappointed that Torre didn’t take the deal that would bring him back for the final year in the current Yankee Stadium. However, after hearing the reasons behind his decision to reject the deal, it makes a lot more sense and it’s a shame that the Yankee organization didn’t make an effort to keep Torre. He deserved better from the team he has guided as more than a manager for the last 12 years. I can’t imagine this team without him. Much love goes out to Joe, the man that never played a game as a Yankee, but will forever be remembered as one.**




    Good for him. Don’t take that **** Joe. But on another note. I wish I had a paycut down to $5million dollars!!! 😉
    We all know Joe will be back. It ain’t the Yanks without Joe.


    What people don’t get is that the yankees are where they are because they operate in this manner. Yeah sure joe is one of the most successsful managers the yankees have ever had and he may be one of the most successful managers in baseball but given the yankee payroll and expectations of us fans HE JUST WAS NOT GETTING IT DONE THE PAST SEVEN SEASONS. We pride ourselves on winning WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AND ANYTHING LESS THAN THAT IS A FAILURE.

  3. Vanessa

    yes, anything other than a world series ring is a failure, but you can’t pin the that failure on just the manager. if you think about it, the manager’s abilities show up in how they deal with obstacles throughout the season and when the post-season hits it really is about what the players do and what luck you have on your side. the alds this year was lost on pitching and untimely hitting. what did you want torre to do? pitch and bat himself?

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