Countdown To Opening Day

Picture_2_2       Just 7 days till the seats are jam-packed, the men in pinstripes jog onto the field and the excitement of Opening Day at Yankee Stadium begins again.  At the start of every new season, the hope for another championship in the Bronx becomes renewed, but there’s plenty that sets this year aside from the rest. Opening Day is special in itself for obvious reasons; it is a fresh start and the day when the long winter is left behind and the long awaited game of baseball returns. However, a week from today won’t just be the start to a new season, but the start to a six month farewell to the now dubbed "Old Yankee Stadium". However, before the scenery has had the chance to change, many big changes have already taken affect on the 2008 New York Yankees. For one, strangely, the captain will no longer refer to his manager as Mr. Torre, for a different Joe will be leading the pack this season. Former Yankee Joe Girardi has taken the wheel, wearing his goal for this season on his back, leaving no doubt as to whether or not he’ll be able bring home what Yankee fans are tired of waiting for, championship #27. The second big change has come in the form of pitching. Three dominant young rookies have taken New York by storm, bringing new life to a team that has prided itself on offense and bringing back the true name of the game. And lastly, although it’s not a change to the team itself, it’s something that thousands are looking forward to, some even more so than Opening Day, and will no doubt beam the spotlight on the Bronx a few notches brighter… All-Star Game. New York hosts the 2008 All-Star Game in a city that fits 8 million, in a stadium that shamefully can only hold 56 thousand. With all there is to look forward to this season in the Bronx, 7 days seems like an eternity. Nevertheless, 2008 looks to be a fun filled year. Boston got their laughs last year, time to return the favor.


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