Opening Day 2008 (Take II)

opening day stadium.jpg        The Yanks start off the season on a sad note, taking a loss in the first game on the final Opening Day in the current Yankee Stadium …. April Fools.

Although the original home opener was delayed for a day, the seats in the soon to be evacuated stadium were jam packed nonetheless. The 2008 season has begun and has started off with one in the win column for the Yanks as the long road to Championship 27 begins again. The win goes to Wang, as well as Girardi, who earns his first as the new manager for the Yanks… still sounds weird.
       Wang started off the game not too great, giving up a couple hits in the first and a total of 6 in the game but grinds it out and keeps the score low. Although his outing wasn’t shutout, as many Yankee fans would’ve liked to see for the first game, it was enough to get the win, which is all that matters. Wang got a lot of help from the defense, as opposed to last year’s start to the season with 3 errors in game 1. Melky made two great plays in center back to back, taking away two hits… and then supplying one of his own to right field, just over the wall, eliciting Halladay to curse the stadium (literally) in it’s final year… not a nice way to say farewell. Giambino showed some nice moves with the leather as well, making a Jeter-esqe shovel throw to the man himself and grabbing a hot shot above him that could’ve stopped a heart.
       There wasn’t much offense with Halladay on the mound to start for the Jays. However, the reigning MVP Rodriguez managed to pick himself up a double and an RBI in the first, picking up right where he left off. It’s hard to expect the same performance from him as he had last year, but that won’t stop anyone from doing just that. Although he’s signed on for a lot more years with the Yanks, it doesn’t seem likely that the criticisms of him will cease this year, or the next, or ever. There obviously haven’t been any yet… but they’re coming.
       Going back to the pitching, Joba Chamberlain makes his 2008 debut, with not as stellar of an outing, with his fastball only topping out at 94, as his numerous appearances of last season, but gets the job done of handing the ball to Mo, unlike the only player who was booed during the opening ceremonies failed to do last year (take one guess). Mo enters again to the tune of Enter Sandman, to retire the side and put the air back in Girardi’s lungs, who I’m sure didn’t get a minute of sleep waiting for this game to begin and end. The win tonight gets the Yanks started off right. The Yanks go again tomorrow night with the Moose, who is looking to prove he’s still got plenty left in the tank, starting for the pinstripes in game 2 of 162. Let the games begin.

Other Notes:
– Jeter entrusts Girardi with holding on to his bat between innings, a right that was previously reserved for Torre. Girardi seems to fit so well with this team. It’s hard not to look at him as still one of the players.
– Bruney grows out the hair… no comment.
– Joba appears in a commercial already… how long before he gets
his own cereal?



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