Game 4, Runs Lossed By: 9

        It took only 4 games for the bullpen without Joba or Mo to reveal its inability to do what it gets paid for. For the couple of arms out of the pen that didn’t get the memo: the other team is not supposed to score. Tonight was too much of an embarrassment to recap so instead I’ll put up pictures I took from tonight’s game, (which I unfortunately attended), for those that are interested but I’ll have to do it tomorrow because my camera doesn’t even want you to see what happened.
       One more thing though, the one good thing about seeing a game in which the Yanks completely bomb is… the half drunk semi moronic yet hilarious hecklers that would rather make fun of their own team than piss and moan about the money they wasted. The highlight of their comments:
    “One touchdown and we’re right back in it baby.”
    “On the house, home runs for everybody.”‘
and the classic: “I want my beer money back.”
    And of course there is always the chant for a team member who no longer plays for the Yanks. It wasn’t really a chant in this game since it was only two people doing the chanting but I’ll shoutout anyone who can guess who the player was in this game. (Not talking about Paul O’Neill, who got chanted for different reasons –  reasons which I support, for the record.) [The player was on the last Yankee WS winning team – 2000.]
– As I said, pics coming tomorrow, hopefully, if my camera decides it wants to start working again.

*Edit: Can’t put up the pics. My camera has officially gone on the DL.*


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