Wang Sets Yanks Back On Track


        The Yankee ace Chien-Ming Wang comes back on the mound for his second start of the season and dominates the Devil Rays lineup, something the last two starters were incapable of doing. Wang earns himself his second win, pitching 6 innings while only allowing 4 hits and zero runs (no joke). Surprisingly the stopper excelled without the use of his deadly weapon, the double play. Despite Wang exiting in the top of the 7th, the Yanks did not give up the lead (I kid you not.) The reason why? Two words… Joba Chamberlain. Joba comes in in the 7th and gets 6 outs on 16 pitches, pounding the mitt of Posada in the process. With no intention of letting this game out of hand Girardi boldly brings in Joba for two innings, clearly putting to rest the Joba rules and writing a rule of his own: game on the line, bring in Joba.
       Following the formula, in comes Mariano, who does what he does best: retires the side, getting the save and providing the Yanks with their first shutout of the season (with hopefully many more to come.) The solid pitching performances were necessary, considering that the Yankee bats only managed to score two runs (each of which came off the bat of Matsui. Correct me if I’m wrong but this team’s nickname is the Bronx Bombers, is it not? Though the Yanks did get 9 hits this afternoon, it has yet to score more than four runs this season (not that they need to score a ton of runs every night , but it would be nice… especially since their facing Tampa Bay [no offense… jk] and oh yeah… because their payroll is… a number I can never count to.) A-Rod, Matsui and Cabrera have been the Yankee offense for the team so far and although some more of the Yankee bats seem to be coming around nothing is being done with runners in scoring position. Hopefully that’ll change in the final game of this four game series with the Rays (seriously liked Devil Rays better).
       Moose takes the mound tomorrow night, hoping to fair better than he did in his last start and keep the train moving in the right direction. What most are looking forward to seeing though is runs on the board, whether they come by a home run or singles, doubles and triples. It will not be fun if there’s a repeat of the “no offense when there’s good pitching and offense when there’s horrible pitching” saga from last year… unless you consider tearing your hair out fun.

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