And… Off To Beantown

pettitte.jpg        It seems as if the winning formula for the Yanks has proved itself again: starter, joba, mo… win. Although the rain threatened to come pouring down (and did) Girardi opted not to start the bullpen instead of the starter this time. It payed off as the stopper handed in a quality start, handing the torch to Joba and Mo, who closed it out. The offense finally showed up, scoring more than five runs for the first time this season. The runs came off the bat of the 2, 3, and 4 hitters, Melky, A-Rod and Jorge. The line-up was slightly tweaked with Jeet still out and Girardi looking to get the offense going. Each batter got a home run and drove in all but one RBI which scored on a double play.
       The Yanks now head to Boston to kick off the rivalry at Fenway. Now that the bats are starting to warm up, what a better time to see them tee off. Wang, Moose and Hughes are the starters scheduled to start this weekend, though that could always change as Girardi already proved. The Capt’n could be back in the line-up tonight, though I think many are looking forward to seeing A-Rod to reappear at short, which wouldn’t be a bad sight to see. I’m curious to see what Jeter would look like at third… hmm. Nonetheless, we need Jeet’s bat back in the line-up for it to be in full force to face the Sox.
       And… Off to Beantown… the fight begins again.


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