Well… That Was Fun


        Apparently, there’s actually something worse than seeing the Yanks lose to the Bosox…. waiting to see the Yanks lose to the Bosox. You can almost expect that a game between the only two teams that matter in baseball [no offense] will last beyond the usual 3 hours [sometimes way beyond.] However, the two teams are usually playing during those long hours. Instead, after 7ish innings of play, the rain came down and the tarp, imprinted with the logo for a “Bob’s Stores” [apparently couldn’t fit anymore advertisement around the stadium], was rolled out… just as the Yanks had two on and A-Rod at the plate. The rain could’ve been a curse or a blessing. It would either spoil it for Papelbon, who would have to warm up again [and again, as it turns out] or it would shutter the momentum that was built by the Yanks with two outs in the 8th. After waiting two hours to see which it would be, the result was… strike one, two, three. I’ll give credit where credit is due and say that Papelbon’s performance was mindbottling [look it up] considering he warmed up… sat… warmed up again… sat again… warmed up a third time and then had to face A-Rod and then Giambi, Posada and Cano. However, I won’t hold back on complaining about the Yankee offense. It’s been pretty clear that the Yanks have been more aggressive so far this season, even more so, it seems, in big situations, but the only problem with that is… they’re not getting hits.

Fact of Baseball: Swinging at the first pitch is only acceptable if:
a) it is a good pitch to hit & b) you get the hit.

Granted, it’s still the beginning of the year and the Yanks are without the Capt’n, but… c’mon. The pitching has not been horrible. The offense needs to live up to it’s name… Alright, I’m done complaining now… until tomorrow.
      Speaking of the pitching, the starter, Moose, went 5 and 2 thirds allowing four to score. Mussina cruised until the fourth when Manny woke up and let one fly. After that he let more runs score off the bat of Manny again in the 6th but overall did not do horrible. Bruney relieved him and didn’t give up a run, pitching until the 8th when the O’Neill number bearer came in to impressively get three quick outs.
       All in all this game was… what do they call it? Oh yeah, miserable. Hughes on the mound tomorrow, pitching for his first time at Fenway. It used to be easy to say to the Yankee starting pitcher, “Keep the runs to a minimal and the offense will do the rest,” but now… ehh, not so sure. Hughes: “I know you’re a former Sox fan but please… shut the lights out.”

Other Notes:

A Yankee pitcher lets the Red Sox score, what happens?
Yankee fans boo the Yankee pitcher.
A Red Sox pitcher lets the Yankees score, what happens?
Red Sox fans chant “Yankees Suckk.”


  1. kozmo

    Really good post as usual, Vanessa. I agree, Mussina’s pitching on the whole was good, but throwing to Ramirez was a big mistake. Credit where due, Papelbon was dominant, no question. I too was jazzed to wait over two hours–through hilariously insipid NASCAR updates and FAUX studio “analysis” no less–for A-Rod versus Papelbon, but it was lights out.

    At least Cano is starting to hit. Also, I love Melky’s role in the “small-ball” games lately, two sac fly balls and a bunt in the last two games. Also, Molina has been enormous, a total steal for Jeff Kennard. I like Hughes going tomorrow night. Plus, I have a good feeling about the Yankees’ bats.

    Keep up the good work. How about going to college for sports journalism. Seriously, Vanessa, it’s a good living and you’re already doing it to some degree. Think about it.

  2. flairforthedramatic

    I agree. Cano is coming around and Melky has reallly progressed from what we saw of him when he first came up. Molina has been great for this team and there’s no question that he’s a step up from the previous backup catchers we’ve had. I think tonight’s game will be exciting with Hughes on the mound and I hope the bats back him up. I’m still waiting to see that breakout game when they score 9+ runs.
    And, ya know J, that was kinda the reason I first started this blog, to see what sports journalism would sort of be like. So far it’s prett fun. Thx for the suggestion Jason, I’ll think about it.

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