Yanks Get It Right The Second Time w/o Joba

pettite2.jpg        Unlike last night, when the Yankee bullpen failed to hold down the Tampa Bay Rays and keep a five run lead, the two run lead Pettitte handed over to the bullpen tonight remained a two run lead, despite the Yanks not having Joba in the pen for a second night, as he tends to his father in the hospital back in Nebraska. Pettitte, who turned in another quality outing tonight, went 7 innings, allowing just 3 runs. Though his performance was not his best, allowing 9 hits and 3 walks, Big A worked out of jams and kept the score low enough for the offense, who regained the air back in its lungs last night, to do the rest.
       Speaking of offense, the leaders of the pack tonight were Godzilla, who got things started with a home run in the 2nd and the Capt’n, who, since returning last night, has made sure his presence back in the lineup is noticed. ‘Zilla went 2 for 5 tonight, with 2 RBI’s and a run scored, while Jeet went 3 for 4, with an RBI and run scored of his own. Though the offense did not assault the Ray’s pitching as much as they did last night, they managed to score more runs than the Rays, despite having less hits. Nonetheless, with a 2 run lead, Girardi brought in… Farnworth. Despite not knowing exactly what you’re going to get from Farnsworth when he comes in, he was the best choice from the pen to entrust getting the ball to Mo… which is just sad. However, Farns needed only 10 pitches to retire the side and hand it over to the only player that wears #42 all year round, Rivera. Superman pitched the ninth, got the save and gave Andy his second win of the season.
       Tonight’s game wasn’t as much of a struggle as this year’s games have been so far. The Yanks head back to NY for a two game set against Boston, facing them for the first time in the Bronx this season. The ace is on the mound for the first game, followed by the Moose. Sweep this.

Other Notes:
– Two hilarious commercials aired during the game. The first with a little boy and Jeet as a car salesman with dorky glasses and a cheesy/goofy look on his face at the end… priceless. The other was with Michael Kay and a psychotic fan and a look on Kay’s face that said, “OoOokay…”


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