Bad Pitching + Bad Hitting = Loss [No Brainer,  right?]


        I thought it was obvious that good pitching and offense wins ballgames. Apparently, the Yanks still haven’t figured that out yet. The song remains the same as the Yanks lose another one in Baltimore tonight. The games are becoming almost entirely predictable. A bad start followed by burning the bullpen and of course, watching the offense get walks and hits only when there are 2 outs, only to see them blow it with runners in scoring position… did I miss anything?
       Although the Yank’s chances tonight actually looked good with Kennedy, who did great in his last start, on the mound and Joba back in the pen, this game didn’t turn out to be any different.  Kennedy turned in a horrible outing, throwing 85 pitches in less than 3 innings and allowing 4 runs and the all-star offense backed him up, leaving 91627868 runners on base while scoring nada. Great game huh? The sad part is that the two players that did their job were Ohlendorf, who got pitched 3 solid innings in relief of Kennedy only to get tagged with two runs after tiring, and Joba, who usually wouldn’t be seen in a game in which the Yanks are losing, but went in to get some innings logged and make the game the slightest bit worth watching.
       Pettitte is on the mound tomorrow and his gift of stopping the bleeding would really come in handy before the Yanks’ first much needed day off. It’s about time this team gets things together. Yanks, if you need some help, remember: Good Pitching + Good Hitting = Win [simple, right?]

Other Notes:
– Posada started at first today, which he has done before, though it doesn’t make it any less weird. However, wearing Tino’s glove instead of his own didn’t stop him from having a lengthy conversation with Ian on the mound in the middle of an inning. It’d be nice if he were back behind the plate so these young pitchers didn’t have to pitch to a new catcher every 5 days.
– Joba is back in the pen with his father feeling better, but with the lackluster performances from the starters, questions are being raised if Girardi will put Joba into the rotation, even though it will leave a huge gap for the role of setup man. Whoever wants to see what this kid can do for 6+ innings instead of one say I.



  1. kozmo

    What a stinker of a game. Thanks for hanging in the HDLR with me. Too bad it couldn’t have been under more auspicious circumstances. On moving Joba into the rotation, I still say hold off because the offense will bounce back, and more importantly Joba still will get his innings capped. That would mean curtailing his work come August or September when they will likely need him most. But much of the rotation is struggling right now, no denying that.

  2. flairforthedramatic

    When I’m in my right mind I agree and say hold off Joba, but I’m so beyond fed up that I say, to hell with it, and put him in lol. Having Joba in the pen and knowing that he’ll start some day is like dangling candy in front of a baby… cruel.

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