And That Is How It’s Done [Take Notes]


       It is well known that Pettitte’s past performances in the clutch have given him the title of “the stopper“, but a gem from Mr. Reliable when the team needs one is on the brink of becoming a guarantee. 7 innings, 4 hits, 0 walks and zero runs… enough said. Despite the fact that the pressure was put on Pettitte Perfect once again to perform, Andy excelled and gave the Yanks the win, ending their three game losing streak, just before the Yanks’ first day off of the season. Pitching is not, by all means, easy… but Pettitte is sure making it seem that way.
       Though unexpectedly, the offense also showed up, scoring 7 times this afternoon, though the last three came last minute in the 9th. The leaders of the pack came at the top of the order, Damon & Jeter, who drove in 5 of the 7 runs scored. Damon went 2 for 4, with a 2 run homer and 2 runs scored while the Capt’n, who’s been on a tear since coming back from his quad injury, went 2 for 5, with 3 RBI’s which he got in one at bat, in which he doubled with the bases loaded. However, speaking of quad injuries, A-Rod was taken out of the game in the 6th with a strained right quad and is now day to day [a.k.a. not coming back for at least 5 games.] But, if he’s able to hit like Jeter’s been hitting since his return when he comes back he can take all the time he needs. Lastly, one other hitter in the Yankee lineup that had a multi-hit game today was the backup’s backup, Chad Moeller, who’s been doing a great job filling behind the plate, though he’ll be sent back down as soon as Jorge is 100%, which is supposedly any day now.
       As for the bullpen, Joba came in to face two batters, which each got hits, but had to leave after the first of two 37 minute rain delays. Bruney relieved him and closed out the inning with no problems. Mo came in, despite the 6 run lead, and… done deal. The Yanks start a three game series against the Sox [the ones from Chicago] with the starting pitcher for the first game scheduled to be the ace, Wang. Shall we get above .500…

Other Notes:
– Giambi had a horrible afternoon, ending what could’ve been a big inning for the Yanks with a double play in the 6th, botching a throw to second on a pickoff play in the same inning and going hitless yet again. Can someone give this guy a clue? Scratch that. Giambi should just take himself out of the lineup for his own sake until he remembers that hitting below the Mendoza line is bad thing.


One comment

  1. smallball

    Just wanted you to know I’m digging your blog, even though I’m a Red Sox fan, :), still good stuff. Neither team’s been playing up to expectations so far, but its early, I’m sure they’ll both be fighting for first come September! And yes, I’ll give credit to Chad Moeller, when I first saw the line up I said “Chad Who?”, but he has filled in great, making the most of his time.

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