Down For The Count


        Will someone bring out the stretcher? The Yanks are dropping like flies. It’s the first day of May and as of right now the Yanks’ MVP, Silent Assassin and Young Phenom are all on the DL. Oh, and Bruney too. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this spells… t-r-o-u-b-l-e. As if the lack of offense, inconsistency from the bullpen and unpredictability of nearly the entire rotation wasn’t bad enough, the baseball gods have decided to pile it on. The worse part? The Yanks do not have a single part of the team that’s a constant. The closest to it are Wang and Mo, who have yet to falter so far this season.
       Nonetheless, despite the blows the Yanks are taking seemingly day in and day out, the Yanks can easily bounce back. The offense needs to wake up for more than a day already, all of the starters need to give at least 6 innings and the bullpen needs to keep the runs scored to a minimum. If they’re going to turn it around, it’d be great if they started tonight. Kennedy takes the hill in tonight’s game and it’s about time he wows the crowd.
        *Updates to come during the game.*

7:53 – Walk, Single, HR to start off the game for the Yanks. [I couldn’t believe it either]
7:58 – Kennedy gives up the 3 run lead. [Now, that I expected.]
8:19 – The Yanks can’t buy a hit with runners in scoring position.
Cano’s avg. is now .148. It’s slowly moving from pitiful to ridiculous. I can’t figure out which is worse.
8:38 – Kennedy is taken out before finishing 5 innings. This kid’s big problem is getting outs with runners on base.
9:04 – The Yanks tie the game, shocking the world.
9:08 – What is with the triples? Every other team beat us with home runs.
9:37 – Bases loaded and… nada. C’mon guys, it’s getting old.
9:56 – The Yank now have to make up 4 runs in 3 innings. Remember when it was easy to believe they’d actually do that?
10:24 – Whether the Yanks are down by two or twenty, it seems like they have no chance. What happened to the fight in this team? There are only two hitters hitting above .300 in the lineup tonight and one of them isn’t even in there everyday.
10:39 – And the throng of crappy games continue. Well there’s always tomorrow… or the day after that… or the day after that. At least Wang is on the mound tomorrow night.


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