Yankee Bats Seal The Sweep

jeter.jpg        With Hughes on the DL and Kennedy being sent down, all eyes, with hopes high, were on Rasner at the start of the game but the eyes quickly turned to the Yankee offense before the game’s end. The bats made their return official today with 8 runs on wait for it… 14 hits [seriously]. The top of the order kicked *** today, scoring 6 of the 8 runs. Damon, Jeet, Bobby and Matsui were a dominant relay team, each just handing on down the baton and keeping it moving. Johnny & Hideki had 2 hits, Bobby had 3 and El Capitan had 4… not bad. The C&C boys also made a reappearance today, as the Melk Man, Cabrera, and Cano had back to back homers [yes, I said Cano.] Nice to finally see the Bronx Bombers live up to their claim to fame again. I was honestly starting to forget what the ball looked like going over the wall… good times.
       With the burst of offense, Rasner’s start got somewhat lost in all the chaos. Even though the kid gave up 2 on a home run in the first, he didn’t do too shabby. All he needed to do really was go 6 innings and keep the score under 5 and he would’ve done better than Hughes & Kennedy have been doing. He did just that. After the mishap in the first inning, he settled down, had a bit of trouble but kept the Mariners scoreless for 5 innings after that. The bullpen had no problems either. Ohlendorf came in with a lead for a change and sat them down. Farnsy did the same. As did Mariano, who I don’t think should’ve been in the game, considering the 6 run lead, pitching two days ago and other guys in the pen who need work, but what-ev, no harm no foul.
       The Yanks get their second day off of the season mañana and face Cleveland. The starter for tomorrow is not up yet on yankees.com, but I’m assuming it’s Pettitte. He finally does not have to be the stopper with the last three wins, but it’d still be nice to see his stopper-esqe A-Game.

Other Notes:
– I am seriously willing to bet $100 that if you pick a random guy off the street, he’ll get more hits than Big G. They say even the worst hitter in the world will get a hit
once in a while… Giambi is the one exception. It’s okay though, he’ll do better when he sees the present I got him.
– The prices for the All-Star Game are seriously outrageous but as I said in the HDLR, I am willing to sell my liver… even my soul for those tickets, but I will take under consideration Mike’s suggestion of selling my kidney instead… I do have two of them.



  1. kozmo

    Great stuff, Vanessa. This was a very enjoyable win and Crazy Stein to get, a long time coming. All the injuries notwithstanding, this is a very talented team, one fully capable of working teams over when doing the right things. I think it certainly remains to be seen, but I’d love to see Cano use that homer to work his way out of the horrendous slump he’s been in. It was great to see him somewhat relaxed and smiling wide on the bench afterwards. The top of the order going a combined 11-18 was huge. So much of that depends on Damon getting on base consistently. He’s been over .400 in his last 13 games, pretty impressive. Speaking of which, Jeter has worked out of his own slump pretty quickly. You were right to tag him the player of the game today. I was impressed with Rasner, who pitched well out of trouble. He got away with a couple pitches up, but was on the whole very good. No walks by him or the four pitchers today was great to see.

    Thanks for coming by the HDLR.

  2. jboogie

    Not sure if you’ve got the time or money to pull this off, but if you’ve got one of those NY Yankee credit cards, you can cash in your points for ASG tix. Actually, never mind this suggestion. They cost 60000 points which is the equivalent of spending 60000 dollars. It’d be cheaper to scalp. But even if you don’t have the card, you should get one. I just cashed in 25000 points for tickets in the 1st 5 rows behind home plate. i think I’m actually going to be in the 1st row. I’m super-psyched for that game. What a way for me to spend my last visit there.

    I loved the offense yesterday but we still need the chumps in the lineup (Giambi, Cano and Ensberg) to do their thing on the regular. With Jorge and A-Rod down with injuries, we need the engine firing on all cylinders.



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