So Much For Shea Sweep – Yankee Hitters Get Lulled To Sleep

perez.jpg          Girardi’s efforts to switch up the lineup against the lefty Oliver Perez turned out to be all for naught this afternoon… because he whooped *** anyway. Perez held the Yankee hitters to 1 run, allowing just 3 hits, while striking out 8 in 7 innings of work. Perez was dominate despite having to face all but one lefty [Damon]… making Girardi’s move to sit Bobby, Robbie and Big G seem… stupid. However, the only run scored by the Yanks this afternoon came off the bat of one of the righties Joe G put in, Wilson Betemit, who hit a monster home run, that kissed Shea goodbye in the 7th, but winded up striking out looking in the 9th with Jeet on first and chance to tie the game. El Capitan was the only hitter in the lineup with a multi hit game, continuing to efforts to raise his batting average before the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium at the risk of seeming unworthy of starting. The only other batter, besides Jeet & Betemit, to get a hit was that one lefty in the game for the Yanks, Damon.
          There isn’t much to say about this game. Rasner, who did a decent job, allowing just 2 runs over 5 innings [a lot better than his last outing], simply got outpitched. The embarrassment between the two New York teams turned out to be equal this series.
The Yanks end up leaving Shea with a
split this weekend [2 out of 3 of the original 3 games] and
now take
the subway back to Yankee stadium to face
the Texas Rangers [shoutout to C.J. Wilson, the closer for the Rangers, who is running a great blog at]. The Moose takes the mound tomorrow. After the series with Texas, the Yanks host the Red Sox for a four game series in the Rivals Weekend Take II.

Other Notes:
– I knew Jose Reyes was young… but not that young. After receiving an error on a throw to first that he obviously thought Delgado should of caught in the 7th, Jose threw his glove down and put on the 12 year old pout. I understand that emotions run deep when you’re in the heat of the game, but there’s no excuse for that. Reyes needs to meditate… wooo saahh.
– There was that whole debate about Wagner using the Enter Sandman song, and how he was using before Mo a while ago… and taking a look at him coming out to the song today, I gotta say… it just doesn’t look right. He can come in to the tune of Metallica if he wants, and isn’t bad closer, but he just ain’t the Sandman.
– There wasn’t any delay today but the rain did come down again today. These teams can’t play a game without at least a drop.


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