Solid Outing By The Moose Not Enough w/ Yankee Bats Still Catching ZzZzZz

moose2.jpg            Despite the new face leading off the lineup tonight, with one of the Yanks’ top prospects, Brett Gardner, called up before the game and the solid start by Bullwinkle, the Yankee offense still remained unable to generate a pulse… yet again. The Yanks managed all of 4 hits tonight, scoring only one run off the bat of Rodriguez, who finally hit one over the fence [and into Monument Park], after coming close multiple times last night at Shea. The guy who probably wants to punch a pillow after tonight though is Mussina, who got the loss, despite going 6 innings, allowing a mere 2 runs on 5 hits, while racking up his season high 8 strikeouts [three of which burned Milton Bradley, who got the Golden Sombrero, with a total of 4 K’s on the night… ouch]. With the way the Yanks’ season has gone so far, you would expect that with an outing like this from the Moose, either the bullpen would blow it when the Yanks got the lead or the offense would take a nap when all they needed was a run to tie and two to pull ahead… I was betting on the bullpen. Turns out the arms outta the pen tonight [Edwar, Veras & Geise] did their job, keeping the runs off the board, but were still unable to celebrate by game’s end.
          This pretty boring game summed up in one sentence: good enough pitching to get the win, but no offense to back it up. Kudos to Brett Gardner though, who didn’t get a hit in his Major League debut, but broke up a DP by running hard out of the box and got himself a stolen base. The guy has speed. Chamberlain on the mound tomorrow, hoping to get his second Major League win as a starter under his belt. So far Joba has literally shut the mouths of anyone who thought that bringing him out of the bullpen and into the rotation was a bad idea. Joba Rules.

Other Notes:
– Big G and 1st base umpire Bill Hohn looked like they were having a battle of the ‘staches… and Hohn won. Seriously though, G, please, at least get it trimmed.
– Almost forgot to mention that G also got his first triple in… wait for it… 6 years. Damn… I guess that means the ‘stache is going to get thicker.
– Gave a shoutout to Texas closer C.J. Wilson yesterday and he wipes Big G, A-Rod & Jorge in the 9th without breaking a sweat to end the game tonight… thx for the love.


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