Joba Time

Game 83: Texas @ Yankees
Thought I’d do some in game “analysis” today.

: Millwood vs. Joba
Lineup Tonight: [of course it’s never the same]
Damon DH
Gardner LF
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Posada C
Cano 2B
Betemit SS
Cabrera CF
Notes: Jeet getting the night off, while Betemit fills in at short. Gardner looking for his first hit in the Bigs. Cabrera is at the absolute bottom of the lineup – kid’s avg. has hit .244.

7:27: Chamberlain labored a little in the first, but got Bradley to strike out [for his fifth time in a row, going back to last night… oouuchh] to end the inning.
     Damon leads off with a double, Gardner lays down a well executed sac bunt to move him to third and the Yanks still don’t drive in the run… and so it continues.

7:46: Joba can not seem to find the strike zone tonight. His pitch count is already sitting at 47 after 2 innings.
    It’s the story of the defense tonight:
    Ch. 1: Betemit’s hesitation lets the first run of the game score. You hear a thousand times that the Capt’n is “the most overated player in baseball,” but, I’ll tell you what, I guarantee Jeet would of made that play.
    Ch. 2: With the Melk Man’s bat rarely making an appearance these days, it’s clear why he gets his name penciled into the lineup night after night: that arm.
    Ch. 3: A-Rod got away with a ghost tag at third. Because the call went in the Yanks’ favor I won’t complain, but wow… umpires are having the absolute worst year they can possibly have.

8:08: Ch. 4: Posada throws one away.
     Joba still having a lot of trouble, but can still strikeout Bradley [6th K in a row… *gasp*]. Pitch count at 74.

8:34: Joba has given up 5 hits and 4 walks so far. He’s got another inning left in him if nothing goes wrong.
     Also, I think today Joba beat Pettitte for deadliest game face… looked like he was in the middle of a heavyweight fight and ready to deliver the knockout punch.

8:49: The Yanks only get a run that inning, when they could’ve gotten more, but I’ll take it. They’re finally breathing again.
     Joe G takes out Joba at the risk of things getting out of hand. So, Joba’s line: 4 IP, 5H’s, 4BB’s, 2ER, 5K’s. Now Giese in.

9:10: Niiice inning by Robertson in the 6th, in his second Major League appearance. Notches 2 more K’s onto his belt.

9:22: Yanks tie it with a hit by Betemit. Melky ends the inning, continuing with his slump. His avg. [at .241] is now lower than RC’s.

9:41: Robertson gets out of a tough inning. He’s got some breaking ball. Gotta love rookies.

10:25: Mo, who has been perfect in save situations so far this year gives up a run in the 9th inning of a tie game… can’t blame him, he is human… occasionally.

10:32: Jeeeezus. The Yanks blow another game and are now 7.5 games back, with the Rays’ win over Boston. Aaagghh.

Some Insight: For the love of the game, take Melk out of the lineup, at least for a day or two. Cabrera grounded into a DP with a man on in the 9th to ruin any chance the Yanks had of winning this game, and is hitting .240 for the season and hit .206 in this past month. He’s a hell of a center fielder, but that ain’t enough.


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