They’re Aliiiiive [At Last]

giambi.jpg          The Yankee offense may be lethargic, sluggish, aggravating, pitiful, infuriating and downright crappy at times, but… they still eat rookies for breakfast. Proof: Warner Madrigal [sorry kid]. Though the ‘Stache Man put the Yanks ahead with a grand slam
in the 3rd, the fun really started in inning number lucky 7. After
Ponson failed miserably at any attempt he was considering on making for retribution against his former
team, the Yanks did something they rarely do these days; they came
back… to the tune of 9 spanking runs in the 7th, and 3 more in the 8th to top it off. Final score, Rangers: 7, Yankees: 18. This just in: the Bronx Bombers are baaaack.
Since the offense bailed him out tonight, I won’t trash Sir Sidney, who
is responsible for all 7 of the Rangers’ runs tonight, and instead
praise the bullpen, who couldn’t have screwed up this one, and the
return of the offense, for this much needed monster win.
box score 7:2.pngSurprisingly,
every bat in the starting lineup got a hit tonight… wait that’s no
surprise, Melk wasn’t in there to go 0-fer [Girardi can take a hint].
Though Giambino clearly did
the most damage tonight, with 6 RBI’s, every Yankee did their part in
contributing [’bout time]. Don’t believe me? Take a lo
ok at the box score [to the left]. Other than the obvious player of the game, players worth noting tonight are JD, with
3 hits and 3 runs scored, Rodriguez, with a homer to drive in 3,
Abreu, with 2 RBI’s and 3 runs scored and Gardner who got his finally
got his first Major League hit and RBI, while adding on another stolen base [the kid is oober fast].
          It was clear the Yanks needed this type of game a.s.a.p. and what a better time than right before the Red Sox head into town for a four game set, after being swept by the Rays. Andy Pettitte will take the mound against Jon Lester tomorrow night to get the fire restarted. Hopefully the Yanks can keep their energy up for more than a day.


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