Guess Who’s In Town

          Yep, those creatures from Boston are back in the Bronx, and ready for another battle for the AL east. Except this time, at the start of the showdown, neither one is heading the race. The Rays are the team on top this season, not just in the division, but in all of baseball. [Honestly, did anyone see that coming?] Nonetheless, nothing will stop these two long time rivals from going at each other with everything they’ve got. The fun begins again.
                                               Game Time: 7:05 p.m.
pettitte profile pic.png                                                lester profile pic.png 

                                Pettitte (9-5)                                        Lester (6-3)

*Updates Coming Later*

7:20: Jeet makes an error on a DP ball that would’ve ended the inning, letting a run score instead. Sox take advantage, add another on… great.

7:37: Yanks unable to push across a run with two on and nobody out.

7:48: Another 2 runs cross the board. Pettitte catches Ellsbury at second though, as he did to Reyes last weekend.

8:05: Pettitte is really shaky tonight, with nearly half his pitches out of the zone, but gets out of the inning with an outstanding DP, started by the man himself.

8:09: The Yanks are giving free outs today at the stadium. Melk gets a leadoff hit [yes, I said Melk] and two pitches later the inning is over, sheesh.

8:40: Pettite leaves after 4.2 innings of work and allowing 5 ER. Pettitte was barely throwing strikes tonight, and didn’t receive any help from the bats, which must have dinner plans with how fast their ending their half of the innings.

9:00: Damn, this team is such a tease. One good game and then their back to their crappy old ways. It’s sickening. When will it end?

9:38: The Yanks have four measly hits tonight, all off the bats of the C&C boys, Cano & Cabrera. The Yankee bats smacked hits left and right last night and a day later are looking just as dead as they did before. I just don’t get it.

9:58: Shut out by Boston. Way to go. As much as I would loooove to trash this team right now, I won’t. They know how crappy they were tonight. Harsh, but true.



  1. thekfny28

    Agh. These Yankees are great, but they have their moments when they’re just completely frustrating. Like there, where Posada swings at the first pitch of the bottom of the fifth inning and grounds out to third. I hate it when they do that.

    -EJ/Kid From New York.

    Check out my blog, where I give my opinion on the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry:

  2. flairforthedramatic

    The team is worse than frustrating. They swing at first pitches all the time, and it would be a different story if they were succeeding, but they clearly aren’t. Would it kill them to take a pitch or two? It’s aggravating knowing that this team could be doing so0o0o much better, but they just aren’t. They have spurts of greatness, but ultimately fail time and time again.
    – F4TD

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