Another Game, Another Heart Attack

moose3.jpg          You just couldn’t help but make it difficult could ya? Bases loaded with no outs in the bottom of the 9th and one base hit from watching this game turn real ugly real quick… and Mo gets out of the jam to keep Girardi from likely tearing up the clubhouse at the sight of another loss. Good thing Moose was on the mound this afternoon, or the Yanks would’ve had no chance of winning this game, with little to cheer about from the offense, yet again. But, luckily, the Moose made another impressive outing, keeping the Red Sox scoreless for 6 innings, allowing just 4 hits, earning his 11th win of the season. No doubt Moose was attempting to leave no question as to whether or not he should appear in this year’s All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium in 10 days. A job well done.
          As for the offense this afternoon… ehh. The Yanks only pushed across two runs, on 6 hits, two of which came off the bat of the Melk Man [I kid you not]. Melk, who drove in the first run of the game the Yanks today, has gone 5 -10 since being benched for a game on Wednesday. [Joe G should take my advice more often.] The remaining 4 hits of the game on the Yankees’ side came off the bats of Cano [who is on fire], Betemit, Rodriguez and Jeet. However, Gardner, filling in at the top of the order for JD, drove in the winning run of the game with a sac fly in bottom of the 6th. The kid still has only one hit in the Majors but has put good wood on the ball, and been simply getting robbed [tough luck]. Though the Yanks pulled out a win today [barely], the fact that I can sum up today’s offense in 4 sentences tops isn’t bringing a smile to this face. I don’t know what the Yanks have against scoring runs, but news flash: that’s how you win ballgames.
          Chamberlain against the knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield tomorrow. Joba, who has yet to give up more than 2 runs as a starter, hasn’t done too shabby but needs to work on keeping his pitch count to a minimal. If the Yanks had lost today I guarantee someone would have been strangled, but a loss tomorrow honestly would not be surprising. Tomorrow will likely be a close ball game, and though the bullpen has been everything you can possibly ask for lately, the offense is still unreliable.

Other Notes:
– 7 HBP’s in today’s game [tying the record]… typical. None of them intentional… uncharted territory. The great part? The Yanks hit Manny thrice, and got away with it… sweet.



  1. thekfny28

    A lot of hitting in this game, and not off bats… as you mention, 7 HBPs in this ballgame, along with that ninth inning. Mo was gonna give me a heart attack… jeez. Anyway, a win is a win. As I usually say, “It says W. It doesn’t say ‘W, but he really had to fight for that one.'”

    What’s with Moose’s darker skin in that pic?

    -EJ/Kid From New York

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  2. kozmo

    Big win today, not great offense but just enough, and Mussina was excellent. I was also impressed with Veras and Nuke LaFarnsworth. Veras’s ERA is now 2.54, pretty impressive and, when Bruney returns, should make for a formidable middle relief squad.

    Gardner is someone who should stay up. He’ll get to play with the unfortunate injuries to JD and Matsui, and hopefully he can hit more (and not get robbed). The Yanks need him on the base paths. I’m waiting for the Yanks to get hot as a team but also to play more as a unit, to manufacture runs, hit-and-run, and the like.

    They can still make up the ground with better play and getting some help, but they’re in a hole right now. Time to pick it up. Good to see you blogging more.

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