All-Star Game Final Vote

final vote.png

The ‘Stache Man makes the Final Vote Ballot.
The Moose did not make the All-Star team, while Varitek, hitting .219, does.
Are you kidding me?
The Red Sox are being represented by 6 players and their precious captain still gets the nod, despite barely hitting over the Mendoza line. Hello, it’s called the “All-Star” Game. The players voted him in… and people get outraged that the fans get to vote?
Who’s got your vote for the final player?
Normally, I would vote for the best player of the lot [which in this case I believe is Dye] but the All-Star Game rosters are already screwed up and Red Sox infested, so I’m voting for the Big G put in more pinstripes for the final All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium in its final year.

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