Bada-Bing Bada-Boom

pettitte6.jpg          The Rays may be leading the AL East, but put Pettitte on the mound to face them and… muahahahaha. Andy, The Great One, was wow tonight. 8 innings and… 4 hits and 0 runs. Do you wanna hear it again? Muahahahaha. Pettitte gained his 10th win of the season tonight, further closing in on the Moose’s team leading win total. Both Pettitte and Mussina have each been indispensable to this team this season. Props to Kazmir though, who dominated early, and racked up 9 K’s tonight.
          As for the offense… finally, with 11 hits tonight the Yankee bats remained breathing for two consecutive games. Congrats, give yourselves a pat on the back, unless you are Jeter or Cano, in which case you can skip the pat and go straight to the screaming of “hellz yeah.” Jeet drove in the first two of the game with a double to right in the 3rd inning, while Cano had another multi hit game tonight, for the 6th time in the past 10 games. Also, over those last 10 games, he’s had a .359 avg. Does anyone else smell smoke? Cano’s other half, The Melk Man, had a pretty interesting night as well. Though Cabrera showed more of his brilliance in center field early in the game, he could not do it with the bat, striking out thrice… but managed to redeem himself with a home run that started off the 8th inning. Others that contributed tonight include Molina, Posada and Abreu, who each had two hits a piece.
          One more game tomorrow with the Rays, and the Yanks have to win. It’s July and the Rays are still in first. It’s embarrassing. Next thing you know, the Royals will be vying for a championship. C’mon Sir Sidney.

Other Notes:
– Edwar Ramirez continued with his outstanding performance as of late. He has allowed just one hit in his last 7 innings pitched.



  1. kozmo

    Pettite was just tremendous, really dominating the Rays on a night when it seemed as though Kazmir would be the more dominating one. I also like that Pettite spared the bullpen, essentially giving everyone but Edwar an extra night off. Jeter’s hit was big to open the scoring, and Melky’s homer complemented his defense. There’s still hope for this team, and taking the game and series tomorrow would go a long way to reassuring me.

  2. smallball

    I can’t complain, you guys beat the Rays, the Sox beat the Twins and pick up a game on Tampa, good enough for me. And Yankee Hater that I am, I’m glad to see Cano starting to wake up, he’s a fun one to watch, and anyone named after Jackie Robinson is alright by me.

  3. levelboss

    this was the type of game that makes me think that the Yankees have a legitimate shot at the playoffs.. they played very well.. Andy pitched like a stud-pitcher.. the defense was awesome (Melky and Jete).. and the offense rocked (against Kazmir and the TB bullpen)

    i keep saying that the Bombers are in a better position than last year.. and after the wins against Boston and Tampa Bay, they proved it!

    last year, despite the 14.5 game deficit, i kept saying they Yanks would make the playoffs.. they did.. and this year (despite the power outage in Matsui, Damon, and Posasda) i STILL think the Yankees are in a GREAT position to get into the playoffs and beyond..

    this week is indeed important

    BTW, sweet Vanessa.. please SMILE in your pics.. i think you’re a total sweetheart..

    i read your posts all the time


  4. flairforthedramatic

    Pettitte was indeed dominating tonight J. After seeing this team comeback after last year’s early disaster, there’s pretty much always hope for this team. They always have a shot, but it’s not gonna get handed to them. They have to consistently perform up to their potential.
    I’m very glad to see Cano finally awake again as well. He’s great to watch when he’s hitting, but terrible to watch when he’s not.
    I think the Yanks can all the way this year once they get everybody back who’s injured and the bats perform this well consistently. This week isss important, going into the All-Star break, but the week after is what I’m looking forward to. I would imagine that after the break, similar to anew semester in school, there’s a feeling of a”clean slate” and a chance to wreak havoc this half. I hope the Yanks do just that. Thanks for reading Level. Here’s a smile for ya 🙂 lol.

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