What Does It Take To Beat “The Best Team In Baseball”? Uh… Not Much.

abreu2.jpg          The Tampa Bay Rays finished sweeping the Red Sox just last week, so the question entering this two game series at Yankee Stadium was: What were they going to do against the Yanks? Answer: Nothing. The Yanks pushed across just two runs this afternoon, and still got the win and the sweep. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The Rays couldn’t even hit against their favorite pitcher, Sir Sidney, who let them score 5 runs on 12 hits the last time he faced them on May 26th [as a Ranger]. Ponson, as a Yankee, held them to one run on 5 hits in 6 innings of work. The only run allowed by Ponson came off a solo home run by Pena in the 6th. Either things are going realllly good for the Yanks or the Rays just aren’t thhhat good… I’ll take both.
Despite the low score total today, the bats are actually starting to come around for the Yanks. The Yanks’  7 hits this afternoon were spread about the lineup and their only problem today seemed to be the same problem they’ve been having all year: getting the big hit with runners in scoring position. The difference this time? They got the win. Bobby Abreu drove in the winning run with a walkoff double in the bottom of the 10th. Though Bobby has been slumping as of late, this huge hit could be the one to get him started. If not the hit, then the cool shower he took when the C&C boys dumped the Gatorade cooler on him after the game. Gotta love the Cano & Cabrera tag team. The Yanks first got on the board though by the Big G [vote now], who singled to center in the 1st inning to score DJ, who scored both runs for the Yanks today.
          The Moooose takes the hill tomorrow in the last official interleague game against the Pirates. Show them what they missed out on by not putting you on the All-Star Game roster Bullwinkle.

Other Notes:
– Molina caught another runner… wow.
– Farns has yet to allow a hit in his last 6 innings pitched. I think sooomeone got jealous when Joba was the 8th inning man.
mussina 'stache.jpg

– The Yanks actually had a ‘Stache Day to support Giambi in the Final Vote. Ahhh… only in Yankee Stadium.

Here’s a pic of tomorrow’s starter, Moose, sporting the ‘stache:

I know what Moose was thinking: “Well, it worked for him. I’ll take any luck I can get. ‘Bout time I get my 20 win season.”



  1. levelboss

    nice summary, Vanessa

    it’s nice to see the Bombers beat both the Red Sox and the Rays – to show people that despite the standings the Yankees are definitely still in it and can beat the top teams in the mlb.. like i mentioned before, the second half of the season is when the Yankees seem to play their best.. hold onto your hats

  2. kozmo

    I’m not willing to write off the Rays yet, mainly because they’ve played well and with confidence. That said, they’ve not shown themselves to be a good road team, and I’d still like to see Sonnanstine, Jackson, and company pitch that well all season. I’d be shocked if they do, and my money is they won’t. But they’re vastly improved and challenging teams. What the Yanks did the last couple games impressed me. They got two great starts, completely shut the Rays down, got very good defense, and got clutch hits. That they won the game against Balfour, who has had a tremendous season so far, also impressed me. Good to see the kids (Gardner and Christian) run and cause trouble on the bases today. Molina has been ridiculous throwing out runners, nailing the speedy Upton today. Unbelievable.

  3. thekfny28

    The Rays are a young, inexperienced team with a lot of talent that was playing over their heads. They have to cool down eventually… I always say that coming into this season, I thought the Rays would win about 86 or 87 games… I didn’t think they’d win the AL East, and I still think that way.

    -EJ/Kid From New York

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