Definition Of Embarrassment: New York Yankees

          This game was too pitiful to recap. 2 hits, horrible defense and another loss. If I had $20 for every time this team’s offense sucked x2 this season I’d be able to buy the team and bat myself already. I’m no pro but at the very least I’d be able to have a more than one pitch at bat.
…how ’bout “behind closed doors” meeting #50, shall we?




  1. levelboss

    well, at least we can say it was Halladay who beat the Yankees.. not just an ace pitcher but one of the best aces in the game

    at the VERY LEAST, Baltimore beat Boston (at Fenway i might add), and Cleveland beat Tampa Bay.. so no ground lost on the leaders

  2. thekfny28

    Roy Halladay was awesome yesterday, Vanessa. It’s hard to admit, but he really pitched an excellent ballgame. Jeter was right when he said an All-Star team couldn’t touch him. Plus, he got some good defensive plays behind him.

    -EJ/Kid From New York = Check out my Yankee blog as I discuss certain topics regarding the Yanks and Major League Baseball in General. Updates come usually at 8:05 PM EST with occasional days off.

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