From FanFest

           Sorry for the subpar quality [took the pixx on my phone] but here’s pixx from FanFest.
      IMG00052.JPG         IMG00031.JPG

[left] entrance to the Javits Center
[right] super huuuuge FanFest baseball
[below] Casey Stern answering fan questions

IMG00033.JPG       IMG00038.JPG       IMG00040.JPG

[left] cutout pic of 2008 yankees
[right] portrayal of what the new Yankee Stadium will look like
[below] a hott corvette

IMG00049.JPG    IMG00043.JPG    IMG00042.JPG 

[left] vintage yankee cap
[right] 61st home run ball hit by Maris in ’61 to break the Babe’s record
[below] funky yankees ball signed by Paul O’Neill

IMG00044.JPG      IMG00045.JPG        IMG00046.JPG

[left] Josh Hamilton “clubhouse locker”
[right] A-Rod “clubhouse locker”

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