More Garbage

          All I have to say about today’s game is thank God for the All-Star break. The offense for this team sucks right now, and they know it. Letting a guy on a 90 pitch count go into the 9th inning is unbelievable. If the Yankee hitters are still striking themselves out after the All-Star break I might lose my mind.
Anyways, tomorrow Home Run Derby ’08 begins.

hrd trophy.png
     The Participants:
     – Lance Berkman    
     – Ryan Braun
     – Josh Hamilton    
     – Evan Longoria
     – Justin Morneau
     – Grady Sizemore
     – Dan Uggla
     – Chase Utley

* As expected, Big G decided he will not be participating after not making the All-Star team.*

          I’ll be rooting for Hamilton. Who has your support in the HR Derby?

Other Notes:
– C.C. Sabathia hit a homer to tie the game for his team in Milwaukee today [his second home run this season] … someone is loving the National League. The picture up on has to go though, makes him look like a balloon. Can his uniform get any baggier?
– Hell of a game in Texas today. The Yankee offense should have watched it… could’ve learned something. Ian Kinsler is unbelievable. 25 game hitting streak now. He’s got my vote for MVP for the 1st half.



  1. flairforthedramatic

    No prob J. I hope the Yanks can turn it around in the second half. They can’t get away with their lackluster performance anymore.

  2. texasrangerschick

    Hey! Thanks! I never thought that anybody would read my blog, let alone comment on it. Haha, I tend to go on and on when I’m writing and my entries are long. I’m one of those people that express themselves with their writing. I’ll keep my thoughts about the Yankees to myself, but you seem like a really cool person and I’m not one to judge people. Yay. That’s so awesome that you’re rooting for Josh in the HR Derby! I can’t wait to watch him in it. I think every Rangers fan has fallen in love with this guy. 🙂

    ❤ hannah

  3. smallball

    I’m going for Hamilton, although Berkman might make a race of it. I still think A-Rod should do it, last AS game at Yankee Stadium and all. I’m just not buying the “It’ll mess up myswing” excuse. He could hit homers while sleeping underwater. (As much as it pains me deep inside to say it) I wish Papi wasn’t hurt so he could participate, Manny would do it, but no phones are allowed during the derby !

    Oh, and hello from First Place! Thats right, a WHOLE 1/2 game ahead of Tampa Bay…………….

  4. flairforthedramatic

    No prob Hannah. Always love to read a fellow female fan’s blog. I think it’s great that you express yourself through your writing. It’s interesting to read. You sound cool too 🙂
    And thanks for the update small ball. Ya couldn’t help but put that in there could ya? lol. I think A-Rod already has enough on his plate to be worrying about the Home Run Derby. It might not “mess up his swing” but you know what too much thinking does to these ballplayers. If he thinks it will, it probably will because he’s thinking about it. And the Yanks are only 6 back SB, which isn’t anything they can’t come back from [especially after last year’s miraculous comeback from 12 games behind] so don’t get toooo comfy in first 🙂
    – F4TD

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