Home Run Derby ’08

The Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium has begun.

               Picture 2.png      Picture 3.png     Picture 9.png     Picture 10.png
               Picture 4.png      Picture 5.png     Picture 6.png     Picture 7.png

With Yankee Stadium’s short porch in right there’s no doubt the lefties will have the upper hand tonight.
Who will win the Derby this year?

Updates To Come:

7:19: When asked about hitting one of out the ballpark [a feat never been done before in Yankee Stadium with a fair ball] Hamilton said “You guys know that little opening where the subway goes through… watch out.”

8:16: Mr. October threw out the first pitch to Jeter. Jeet’s pick for tonight: Josh Hamilton.

8:35: Sizemore hit a beautiful blassst to right that landed in the opening between the bleachers and box seats. Sweet swing.

8:51: Utley made a great late push but it may not be enough. Utley ends up with 5. Longoria: 3. Uggla: 6. Sizemore: 6.

9:05: Berkman jumps out in front with 8.

9:14: Morneau ties Berkman, but was looking mighty tired after all those drives.

9:21: Braun makes a late stab, pushing him into the second round. Ham up next.

9:52:28 home runs. Josh Hamilton [my pick] is a beast. He already has fans of any and every team loving him. Longest: 518 ft… ridiculous.

10:03: Right about now I don’t think anyone cares about the other batters. What they’re thinking: When is it Josh’s turn again?

10:27: Hamilton makes it look easy. If he doesn’t win it everyone will go nuts.

10:53: He didn’t win the trophy but he was the highlight of the night. *Bowing down to Josh Hamilton*


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