Not A Winner, But On Top Of The World

josh hamilton.jpg          I got one question for Hamilton after tonight: How does it feel? I would imagine the answer to that question would be somewhere along the lines of what Tony The Tiger would say, “Grrrrrrreat.” In one night the former drug addict has become a hero in the Bronx. You knew the story of the Josh Hamilton coming into tonight, the story of a guy who struggled with drugs and alcohol, but got convinced by his grandmother to clean up and did just that. Now, not only is he an All-Star but he’s the thief of the spotlight. He had every fan in Yankee Stadium up on their feet, cheering for him. Unfortunately, he’s only human and didn’t have enough energy after his mammoth first round to beat Morneau, but he’s still the man and is the Home Run Derby King in my eyes. God, I love this sport.

P.S. I don’t know Justin Morneau [obviously] and he’s probably a great guy as well, but he’s just robbing everybody. First, he robbed Jeet of an MVP award two years back, which I personally felt the Capt’n should’ve won, and then takes the Home Run Derby trophy from Ham tonight. Tsk Tsk.



  1. smallball

    WOW! That was fun to watch! I really wanted him to win though. My favorite part? Not the Hanley Ramierez suitcase drop, not the Big Papi walk away because it was to much to take, but right after Hamilton hit his first homer he turned to the catcher and said “Dude, this is awesome!” Indeed it is sir!

  2. flairforthedramatic

    My fav was the Big Papi walk away b/c as soon as he came up to Hamilton he was booed hard lol, but I laughed out loud when I heard Hamilton say that. He sounded like a kid. Awesome.

  3. smallball

    “Sounded like a kid” Speaking of that, check out the post I JUST made about that quote when you get a chance.

  4. texasrangerschick

    haha, that is totally my motto as well! I LOVE that picture of Hambone up there on your entry. He is amazing. I totally agree with you. Hamilton is the champ in my eyes and always will be. Don’t worry. He’ll come back next year and win it! hehe
    ❤ hannah

  5. texasrangerschick

    Yeah, that was so cool when the crowd there was so behind him, wanting him to win. I was so bummed out when he didn’t win and you could tell he was too. However, all of this (just being a part of it) is still just a dream to him and he was just thankful to be there. Yeah, I’ll bet he’ll get a loud reaction tonight at the Game. I can’t wait until he gets back home to Arlington. I can’t even imagine the reaction he’s gonna get then. Haha.
    ❤ hannah


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